We all know that for the past few years we've been dumping our best players for this off-season and with us starting off the season 0-10 it seems likely that we're gonna get the top pick in the draft - which gives us even more reason to look forward for next season. Let's face it we know we're gonna see one of two people in a Nets jersey next year, either LJ or D-Wade. But here's the situation. For the sake of this thread let's say that we end up getting the 1st overall pick in the draft. It looks like John Wall is gonna be picked first overall. If we draft him then signing D-Wade is out of the question, both are shooting guards. That leaves us with signing LJ. Which I don't think we can afford even after all of the salary dumps.

So here's the $100 million question for 2010. Do you think the Nets will draft John Wall and sign LJ or draft a F and sign D-Wade?