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    CP Out With Ankle Injury!

    This will make the Hornets have to play Collison and see what we have in him. Im not sure how long he will be out but this is really not good for us. I think that we will be ok if West steps up and fills that leadership role even though it is impossible to replace CP3's on court play. Comments......

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    How long??

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    How long is Chris Paul out? If he's out for an extended period of time, you think New Orleans would look into signing Jamaal Tinsley or just let Darren Collison play? I heard though Memphis is in serious talks with him already

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    1-2 weeks he is out.

    This is bad news obviously.

    On another note...Marcus thornton should be starting. He is GOOD.

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    This season is a lost cause, we need to rebuild now, this gives Collison time to develop and Thorton too.
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    Really sorry about CP3. He is a joy to watch play.
    Hope he gets well soon......NOH is one of my faves.
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    An update:

    Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Chris Paul is expected to be on crutches for two weeks, and could miss three weeks to a month with a severely sprained ankle.
    Wojo pegs the injury as being more serious than some reports have, and it makes sense. If he had just tweaked his ankle, we could see him coming back in less than three weeks. But this was a serious ankle injury that required him to be carried off the court, so it stands to reason that his recovery time is longer.

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