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    ESPN: Refs reject NBA offer 57-0

    Source: ESPN

    NBA referees voted 57-0 Wednesday night to reject a new labor agreement offer, saying they planned to present a counterproposal to the league Thursday.

    The vote came about an hour before midnight CT at a meeting of the referees outside Chicago. Their labor pact expired Sept. 1, and the prospect of a lockout looms if a new agreement is not in place prior to the start of exhibition games Oct. 1.

    "We are still meeting, we've been here since 4 p.m. and they [the referees] have decided to lock themselves in. They're not leaving, and they've empowered us to get on the phone with the league in the morning to try to make a deal and work something out," lead negotiator Lamell McMorris said.

    McMorris said the league's new proposal was presented earlier Wednesday. The referees deliberated its merits for about 6 hours before the offer was unanimously voted down. McMorris said the NBA had made some movement from its prior offer, but he would not be specific.
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    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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    This is exactly like the strike in Toronto during the summer.

    Can you believe they wanted to get paid as much as police officers? Stupid dumbasses.

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