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Thread: David Thompson

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    David Thompson

    I don't know how many of y'all ever got to see David Thompson play. He will be inducting MJ in to the HOF. Jordan has cited him as a huge influence on his game.
    Back in the day there were no massive information outlets detailing players like we have today. I remember reading about this guy that had a 48" vertical. We laughed about that number at practice, there's no way a guy could jump like that (we had a 6'4" with a 38" vertical that terrorized other teams). But the first time seeing him play erased all doubt. Thompson was known as 'Skywalker'. He is credited with inventing the alley-oop, although that's a bit of a stretch. The play existed but was never used in a game because it had to be so precise and was kinda showy. A lot of high school leagues had a no-dunk rule at the time because guys got hurt and teams would retaliate for being shown up. But with Thompson it became a go-to play.
    Thompson averaged about 25ppg over his first 6 pro seasons. He scored 73pts on the final day of the season in 1978 but George Gervin (the Iceman) scored 63 later in the day to edge out Thompson for the scoring title.
    Looking at what considers Skywalker's top ten plays there are some great dunks but also some great plays on D. Many of the dunks may seem 'old-hat' now but only Dr. J rivalled him back then. 99% of the dunks before these two were simple flushes by barely co-ordinated PF's and C's.

    Enjoy, "'s David Thompson Top Ten Plays of Career "

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    David Thompson was the 1st coming of MJ LOL.

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