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    Kings take Schenn at #5

    This guy looks like he can be a top 6 player for a number of years. I think he'll be better than his brother and did you guys see when the camera went on to Brian burke as the Kings picked Schenn. Priceless..

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    Schenn a Potential Superstar?

    We know that Tavares, Hedman, and Duchene all have mega-potential and the chance to be superstars and franchise-type players. I like Schenn, and he obviously has good blood lines with his older bro Luke succeeding last year in the NHL as a rookie (fellow Rookie 1st-teamer on the blueline with our own Drew Doughty). But is he really a franchise-changer? The top picks in the draft make franchises and it's just a little disappointing to fall just short of acquiring that superstar talent. The Kings are on the rise (thankfully), but that means we are probably not sniffing top 5 picks any longer. But I'm definitely rooting for the kid, and also hoping we can steal the Sedin twins from the Canucks. If we walked away this off-season with D. Sedin, H. Sedin, and B. Schenn; I'd be pretty excited about our future.

    Line 1: D. Sedin, H. Sedin, J. Williams
    Line 2: A. Frolov, A. Kopitar, D. Brown
    Line 3: O. Moller, J. Stoll, W. Simmonds
    Check: T. Purcell, B. Schenn, M. Handzus

    That is some incredible offensive depth right there!!
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    justin williams is not a first line winger. and kopitar as a second line center..... really?

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    Nov 2006
    Well H. Sedin and both A. Kopitar play center, and it doesn't really matter IMO which one starts out the 1st line or the 2nd. I love Kopitar, but I figure that the Sedins will play on the same line, and if we sign the twins, it won't be to play on the 2nd line. Plus, why break up the chemistry of Frolov/Kopitar/and D. Brown? You can argue about Justin Williams in the 1st line; if you want to put D. Brown in there instead, that's fine, but I'd rather have a balanced top two lines than a top heavy 1st line. I'd expect Kopitar to play just as much as the Sedins, don't get me wrong on that.

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    Nov 2006
    Toronto, Canada
    As a Leafs fan I am very jealous of your young players / prospects, especially on defense:







    I see great things for the Kings in the years to come if they can keep these players together.

    Great trade for Ryan Smyth. I would like to see one more for a top line center like Lecavalier.

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