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    HCA (Homecourt Advantage)

    Playoffs Edition 2009 Season, what if scenarios?

    Playoffs Edition 2009 Season, what if scenarios?

    Since we are in the NBA Finals, I am curious on who you think would have won certain matchups if the teams played in the playoffs?

    I'm trying to use good matchups that would have gone at least 6 games, but more than likely maybe 7 games.

    For instance, who would have won the series between

    "Denver" vs "Portland"

    "Utah" vs "Houston" (with Yao healthy)

    "Lakers" vs "Portland"

    "Orlando" vs "Chicago"

    "Boston" vs "Cleveland" (no KG)

    "Miami" vs "Chicago"

    "Philadelphia" vs "Chicago"

    "Orlando" vs "Houston" (with Yao healthy)

    "Lakers" vs "Cleveland"

    "Boston" vs "Lakers" (KG healthy)

    "San Antonio" vs "Denver" (Manu healthy)

    "New Orleans" vs "Portland"

    Team with HCA is underlined ____________
    "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
    - Michael Jordan

    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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    "Houston" (with Yao healthy)



    "Cleveland" (no KG)





    "Lakers" (KG healthy)

    "San Antonio"

    "New Orleans"

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    I really wanted to watch Kobe vs. Lebron or Lakers vs. Celtics.

    I'd like to believe the Lakers would have won those.

    I think the best matchup out of ALL those would be Lakers/Blazers... HC for Portland works sooo well to their advantage against the Lakers.

    However, I don't think ANY of those matchups had anything on the epicness of the Bulls/Celtics series.

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