Everybody knew the Clippers would take Griffin. What's interesting to look at is how good that pick is for Al Thornton.
He's had to put in a good amount of time at power forward, a position he is not big enough for. Marcus Camby's signing relieved him of those duties.
With Griffin coming in though, Camby or Kaman are going out, and one of them will temporarily remain as a center.
With Griffin around at power forward, Thornton can be a full-time small forward. At 6' 8" and 220 pounds, he is perfect for a small forward, and will only bulk up.
I'm not automatically saying he'll be a beast, but Griffin will make everything easier on him. He's already proven he can be one of the leading scorers, and can often grab 10 or more rebounds. Griffin will lower his rebounding, but expect Thornton to slash even more with defenses distracted. I still think Thornton's scoring will go up with the new addition; somewhere just below 20 per game.