I am going to divide some guys into groups here as prospects that could be traded in the next week.

Huira is really the only young untouchable, I probably would have added Woodruff had he not gotten hurt.

Rather not trade- Turang, Grisham
Teams will likely ask for Turang and/or Grisham for any quality starter or big name reliever. I really like that both of these guys walk about as much as they strikeout. If I were Stearns I would be super hesitant to include either unless it is a top of the rotation pitcher with 2+ years of control.

Players other team will want as secondary pieces- Supak, Ashby, Lutz, Dubon, Feliciano, Williams, Rasmussen, Henry, Lazar, Hill, Zavolas
These are players who have played well this year and other teams will look to be ancillary pieces in a bigger deal or possibly the main piece for a 2nd tier trade.

Players we will like to try and trade at a past value- Ray, Erceg, Brown, Burnes, Peralta
These are probably the guys we would prefer to add as a main piece in trades, however we will likely try and insist that their value is where it was at the beginning of the year. I doubt these guys will get traded because we will likely overvalue there price and others will undervalue it.

Lottery Tickets- Gray, Bello, Ward, Lemons, recent international players
Usually in bigger trades teams ask for a throw in that fits the unknown high ceiling classification and we have a couple.

I believe when all is said and done we will likely lose 2-3 players from the secondary pieces list to improve the bullpen and possible a couple higher thought of players to get a potential top of the rotation starter.