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    86 celtics

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    Tim Duncan (One half of my Twin Towers along with the next guy. Swallows up the post on Defense, his mid-range shot means he's won't be choking the post when he's out there with another big. I thought about putting Malone here, but Malone choked in clutch, and doesn't give me the spacing Duncan provides. Also, TD is the ultimate teammate who carried the Spurs to 3 titles without another All-NBA player)xvideos xnxx xxx

    C: '77 Kareem (The ultimate center in my opinion. A post game unrivalled by any player not named McHale or Hakeem, along with his ability to turn into a black hole on defense. This Kareem carried a dumpster fire of a Lakers team to the WCF in the most talent-stacked NBA season, especially after the ABA merger.)
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