Right after he cross-checked Cal Clutterbuck in the face last night, I said “that probably will get him a suspension.” And today, Cody McCormick was in fact suspended by the NHL, for two games.

Clutterbuck had hit Adam Foote earlier, giving Foote a head injury. This was McCormick’s response. Later, McCormick fought a much bigger Minnesota Wild player, John Scott.

I think the suspension is proper. McCormick did the right thing sticking up for a teammate, but the wrong thing in going about it. You can’t cross-check a guy to the face, and it also came from the side.

Clutterbuck was down for about a minute after the cross-check. McCormick forfeits $5,618.28 to the NHL’s Players Emergency Assistance Fund.

He’ll be eligible to play again Tuesday - in Minnesota.

With Foote out, Lawrence Nycholat is expected to make his Avalanche debut against the Oil. Matt Hendricks was sent back down to Lake Erie, with the return tomorrow of Cody McLeod.

I didn’t see the Clutterbuck hit on Foote, and Tony Granato said he didn’t see it either when I asked him about it last night. So, I can’t comment on what I think of it.