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Thread: Missing Garbo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by azkarraga View Post
    can't he came back?
    Technically he could, but his relationship with the Raptors did not end amicably and i highly doubt it would EVER happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodsSon View Post
    Technically he could, but his relationship with the Raptors did not end amicably and i highly doubt it would EVER happen.
    I agree. Unfortunately that relationship is way beyond repair.

    Besides I don't think Garbo is the player he was in 2006 anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kanada View Post
    I remember the Celtic player's interview after, and they had said something about wondering why Garbo had to try and make that play at that time in the game when it didn't matter anymore....

    I've been wondering 'what if' about that whole situation now since it happened. How much different would the Raptors be if Garbo was healthy and still with us.

    We won't ever really know how much we've missed 'The Mechanic'.
    That's exactly what we were missing. If it were now, we would have just allowed that. Garbo played with passion. He didn't allow anything easy. When I think of Garbo, I think of the players that make our team work..

    Alvin Williams

    All players played with a lot of heart, and grit. Something were seriously lacking now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Sn1P3r_ View Post
    I think Garbo was a good player for us. Can shoot and just brings all the intangibles. Defense, grit, toughness and never gives up and gives it his all.
    I agree, he brought grit, toughness and intagibles while being a raptor, but he took to many three's with a low shooting percentage of 34.2% while hear.

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    garbo was the glue of the team. Best way to put it. He kept the team playing together. Brought a little bit of everything. Shot decent, played intense D, did all the dirty work. The thing that we're missing now. I don't want to play the what if game, but we would have made it past the first round against the nets if he was there, had a decent season last year, and this year well the W-L ratio probably would be the other way around.

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