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    Can Sam Cassell find a coaching gig?

    A year ago, Boston Celtics point guard Sam Cassell was brought aboard to Beantown to help Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen win a championship. With Rajon Rondo still a relatively young pup in '08, it fell onto Cassell to hold down the fort, keep the troops corralled, lock up that ring for the guys who'd never earned one.

    Mission accomplished, but this year, in Cassell's sixteenth season, he's seen his role change. After averaging 17.6 minutes a game in 17 contests for Boston last year, Sam-I-Am has yet to see the floor in '08-'09. But that doesn't mean he hasn't been useful. Cassell has eyes for NBA life after playing.

    "I want to be a head coach in this league someday," Cassell said recently when the Celtics visited Orlando, "so hopefully these guys that make decisions about hiring head coaches realize the success I've had as a player."

    It's not just the three championshipsótwo with Houston in his first two professional seasons and of course last year's with Bostonóbut more about his having appeared in five Conference Finals with four different teams. In each situation it's very easy to assume that those teams wouldn't have had as much success without him.

    His current teammates know this, and are extremely grateful for it.

    "Kevin (Garnett) and Paul (Pierce) were telling me the other day that every team I've played on I've made a great impression on it. When I went to the Clippers nobody ever thought we'd make the playoffs in the Western Conference considering how mighty the West was. We managed to succeed and it blew everyone's mind."

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    If they ever make a Space Jam 2 im sure he could make a case for coaching the Monstars : P (yup i know im going to hell for that one)

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    I don't think he'll become a head coach right from the start
    he'll be a assistant coach for a few years first

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    Doesn't Cassell have a sort of handshake deal with Boston to become an assistant when he retires as a player?

    I'm not sure where I heard that, but I thought for sure that was said sometime last year.

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