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    LAC's rebound system

    It looks like as long as you play enough minutes as a Center for Los Angeles Clippers, you will get loads of rebounds.

    Marcus Camby, and now DenAndre Jordan, which is an almost unheard rookie at the start of the season.

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    are you serious, this is useless information nobody cares about except clipper fans. guess what, they are not a playoff team and who cares who gets the rebounds for them cause guess what, somebody has to lead a team in rebounds. POINTLESS THREAD

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    this thread is better than the other threads that keep popping up like tmac threads theres one now telling us to "define him" wtf is that you got the kenderik perkins one sayin if he's an all-star when he clearly isn't. david lee can be center or bosh. yall lucky its early or ill have more examples of how many dumb threads are on here.
    Kwame Brown is the most underrated player in NBA history!!!

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