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    Quote Originally Posted by dick butane View Post
    No if your team is winning "you're" a front runner. We use the appropriate contractions around here. When you combine the words "you" and "are" you get "you're". The real reason the Fakers traded Shaq was his college degree kept making Kobe feel like an illiterate idiot.
    haha, that was awesome

  2. 11-06-2008, 08:11 PM

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    Good job Lakers! You guys are AWESOME!!! Man it must take soooo much heart and loyalty to be a Laker fan. You guys are truely 1 of a kind...well more like 10 million of kind. But hey who needs to be original. I think if I had really low self esteem I would probably root for the Fakers and rub it in Clipper fans too! Compensating for something Faker fans?

    Think I'll close this down.

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