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Thread: Rate my team

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    Feb 2008

    Rate my team

    Note - This was my first time in a fantasy draft and I plan on making a few trades to strengthen my bench. 20 team league.

    Projected starting 5
    Deron Williams
    O.J Mayo
    Richard Jefferson
    David Lee
    Chris Kaman

    J.R Smith
    Eddie House
    Jeff Green
    Andrea Bargnani
    Joel Pryzbilla

    Brandon Rush
    Donte Green

    Morris Almond
    Joey Dorsey

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    Aug 2008
    That's solid overall for a 20 team league, but like you mentioned your bench could use some strengthening. Perhaps trade OJ Mayo to someone who is high on his potential for a more consistent SG and a bench player, w/ a bench player thrown in from your team. As a rookie with potential like his, Mayo will certainly have his 25-30 pt nights, but will probably also have 10 pt nights as well.

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