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Thread: Rate My Team

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    Rate My Team

    PG Chris Paul
    SG Mike Dunleavy
    G Jamal Crawford
    SF Josh Smith
    PF Tim Duncan
    F Shane Battier
    C Chris Kaman
    C Greg Oden
    Util Kirk Hinrich
    Util O.J. Mayo
    BN Beno Udrih
    BN Paul Milsap
    BN Wilson Chandler

    Rate my team from 1 to 10 with the 1 bring the lowest and 10 being the highest. Also I am thinking of trading Dunleavy and someone else for Brandon Roy. I'm also thinking about dropping Battier and picking up either Yi Jianlian, Andres Nocioni, or Tyrus Thomas. Should I do any of of those?

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    I like your team, but you appear to be leaning in the young and upcoming player direction. Is this a keeper league? Either way, I think you need a balance of vets and young players. Yeah, Oden is gonna be good, Roy is good, Mayo prob will be good... but there needs to be a balance of vets in there who you know will be atleast X numbers per game.

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    Drop Wilson.
    Kyle Kendrick sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AirJordanXVIII View Post
    Drop Wilson.
    Wilson might be starting sooner than later.

    I've had Q, the one in front of him in the depth chart right now, on a lot of teams in recent years, and he ends up disappointing each and every time being inconsistent or getting injured.
    So considering that Wilson Chandler could be a huge sleeper in the draft. Ofcourse we'll only know for sure a little while from now.

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