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    Taking the BIG shot scenario

    Clippers vs Rockets 95-97 Clippers down by 2. Location: Staples Center. Its 4th quarter with 12 seconds left on the clock. Baron Davis is sitting on the bench with 6 personal fouls. J-Will is injured and Mobley and Thomas are out with the flu. On court is...

    PG-Eric Gordon
    SG-Ricky Davis
    SF-Al Thornton
    PF-Marcus Camby (5 fouls)
    C-Chris Kaman (5 fouls)

    PG-Rafer Alston
    SG-Tracy Mcgrady
    SF-Ron Artest
    PF-Louis Scola
    C-Yao Ming

    Do you sit Camby or Kaman and put Novak in to play PF? Do you go for the 2 or the 3? And finally...Who takes the BIG shot???
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