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    Smith being seen and heard in 49ers camp
    The San Francisco 49ers spent big money on ex-Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Justin Smith in free agency. So far, he's making waves at 49ers training camp.

    On the opening day of camp, Smith got a little too aggressive in non-contact drills, knocking reserve tight end Delanie Walker to the ground, and then faced the wrath of starting TE Vernon Davis. Unhappy with the way Smith treated his offensive teammate, Davis got in the defender's face to voice his displeasure.

    So what should San Francisco fans make of the less-than-friendly encounter between Smith and Davis?

    Frankly, nothing.

    By this time of the year, defensive players -- having participated in the non-contact organized team activities earlier this summer -- are aching to actually hit someone. Unfortunately for Smith, he roughed up a teammate in what was essentially a two-hand touch drill.

    If anything, 49ers fans should appreciate the passion displayed by Smith and Davis. The 49ers lacked that type of fire at times last season, so seeing it displayed on the first day of training camp has to exciting for the team's loyalists.

    Smith, who signed a six-year, $45 million contract in the winter, is a player who should help anchor the 49ers' defense now and in the future. The 29-year-old has had a solid NFL career since he was the fourth overall pick in the 2001 draft, having accrued 43.5 sacks in the league. During his seven seasons with the Bengals, Smith only had one year in which he accumulated fewer than six sacks (two in 2007).

    In fact, the 49ers know from his career averages that if Smith stays healthy, they should get a shade over six sacks from him this season. While that might not constitute Pro Bowl merit, it will help keep D-line production steady after the retirement of longtime Niner Bryant Young.

    It's still early, but San Francisco at least knows it'll be getting plenty of fire from Smith. For the team's sake, hopefully production follows.

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    man i hope justin smith gets over six sacks, we need that kind of pressure

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    The beez neez

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    yea i dont have the quote but nolan said something to the affect that .... hey id be more worried if davis didnt jump and defend his teammate....

    Yes this is my own tat i got the main tat in 2007 or 2008 i added the 3 trophies nov 2010

    Props to SFGiants4life for hosting

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    If nothing else Smith will be a nice decoy for our lb's to produce some crazy pressure this year. remember we do have Manny back so it's all good.

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