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    What do you think of this trade: JJ for Nick Collison?

    What do you think of this trade:
    Magic trade SG JJ Reddick & PF Brian Cook
    to Seattle for PF Nick Collison
    (according to ESPN trade machine - this trade works - numbers wise)

    Magic are in need of a PF - Seattle has an abundance of PF especially with the drafting of DJ White.

    Seattle can get cap relief since JJ and Cooks contract is for one more year - while Collison has 3 years left.

    Seattle could use a SG since they currently do not have one (Durant plays out of position at the 2 and Damien Wilkins is the back up - Westbrook can play the 2 - but they got him to play the 1)

    Orlando would get a young power forward who averaged 9 and 9 last year - is a post player and can help Dwight in defending the paint...

    one last thing... JJ's trade value is not the greatest either...

    What are you throughts???

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    Orlando, Florida
    Change Seattle into Oklahoma City.

    But really, if I do end up getting that job out at OKC, I'll be happy if a deal like this went through since I'd be able to see Redick still.

  3. 07-09-2008, 11:16 AM

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    Collison is the hustle guy we need to pair with Howard, but I doubt the Sonics would take Redick and Cook because neither one of them can come in and make an impact.

    With Wilcox and Collison, they stand a better chance because DJ White is at best a bench player at the NBA level and Cook is far from an option for the Sonics to use at that position at any point in the game

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