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    Nov 2006
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    I was there live today. What a freaking game. Not even a contest, really.

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    Jan 2006
    It turns out, our bullpen can protect an 11 run lead.

    Good to know.

    It was dicey there for a while. Beckett looked pretty bad. Threw a bunch of cutters. Didn't have his curve, and had no fastball command.

    We're only 2 back of TB now, and we got Baltimore to finish things up before the all star break. We usually do well against Baltimore, so hopefully we can pick up another game or so on TB before the break.

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    what a couple innings.. beautiful batsmanship.
    oh my god! did you hear? Alex Rodriguez left a floater and didn't do a double flush!!! someone alert the media this must be news!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sc00py View Post
    Leftys only hitting in the .220s against Lopez and the Twins had 8 leftys in the lineup.

    Lopez always worries me when he is out there....but then again so does everyone else in the pen nowadays.
    But he brought in Lopez to face a righty. Who then proceeded to sinlge up the middle for an RBI. But, doesn't matter anyways. We still son.

    NFL = Screwed.
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