these are two question that came up fast in my mind when i herd of the wizzards offer to Arenas.

Basically with arenas HUGHE extension, Jamisons HUGE extension and Carons ALREADY long and not poor contract hte wizzards add up like a 80% of the salary cap with Arenas eating up half of it.

with that numbers is almost IMPOSIBLE to lure high quality FA, and for now Wizzards ( will they ever be the Bullets again? please!) are way behind of the list of top teams that can attrackt a star to a MLE because they are neither NEAR a ring ( S.A, DALL, PHO, LAK, BOS, DET..) nor are FILLED of potential and everybody is smilign about the future ( Orl, Port, Atl, NO,Jazz).

so basically they can only add Byes, veterans wit low salaries and their picks, wich basically having those three should not be highger than a 12 or 13th pick....

so having these on account:

How long? till arenas see they are not getting past the 1st round ( or second if they get lucky) that they have NO SALARY ROOM to improve ( basically because he has eaten half the cap) he satrts realizing he is aging and that he holds no chance to get the ring, and so he starts moaning, groaning and even pulling vince carters in tor or Kidds in Nets ?

Will they ever learn? taking note on Webber Kidd or Carter, theres no other destiny for wizz GM that sooner or later having to BUY out him or trade him for a bag of chips.... shouldnt they have him walk and add anotehr start who didnt command that much money in order to have more cap to build?