If I like what Indiana is doing, a love what Toronto just did. Adding the unquestionably best player in the deal, the Raptors are bringing in a player who will have an immediate impact (unlike Hibbert, or whomever the Raptors would’ve drafted at seventeen), plays a position of need (unlike Ford) and carries a reputation of intimidation (unlike Nesterovic). At 6’11” and 260 pounds, O’Neal has the kind of size the Raptors need down low, along with a refined offensive game and top-notch defensive skills. He’s had injury problems recently, looking lackluster in 42 games last season, yet still managed to put up 2.0 offensive rebounds and 2.1 blocked shots per game in only 28.7 minutes.
http://raptors.r e a l g m.com/articles/46/20080630/raptorlands_new_carnivore/

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