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    Apr 2008
    Washington, DC

    Got my name on Dale Jr's Car *sweet*

    So I'm new to NASCAR (co-workers got me started) but I've gotten a handle on 'the basics' so far. Just can't wait to go to my first live race - I hear that the atmosphere is addictive

    One race I'm really looking forward to is the Amp Energy 500! A little tip for all you that are Dale Jr. fans - you can get your name printed on his car for that race. Pretty cool idea, and of course he lets you enter a custom message too. Just go to and click on ride with Dale Jr. (the promo code is DALEWINS)

    I wrote in "Dale is my #1 and #88 driver" which is cheezy I can anyone come up with a better one than that?

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    May 2008
    Indianapolis, IN
    How about Dale Jr. sucks, Go Jeff Gordon

    Thanks for the sig homie564

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    Nov 2007
    New Freakin' Jersey
    Thanks for the info BPF.
    Being a Travis Kvapil fan I signed up anyway.

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