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    Jan 2006
    Welcome to the Astros Forum.

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    Apr 2007
    -Location- Just moved from Needville, TX (near Sugarland) to Wichita Falls...
    -Favorite current Astro- Berkman
    -Favorite former Astro- Nolan Ryan
    -Baseball experience[Little League][Highschool][College][Minors][MLB]- Sucktitude.
    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- Red Sox...
    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- More pitching...less Tejada
    -Best moment at a MLB game- Went to a game when I was young and Biggio hit a walk-Off homer....
    -Most historic MLB record- Hitting streak....
    -Favorite movie- Anchorman or Happy Gilmore
    -Hobbies- Basketball, singing/song-writing/music...
    -Anything else you would care to share-

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    Aug 2007
    -Location- NJ
    -Favorite current Astro- Berkmayne
    -Favorite former Astro- Biggio
    -Baseball experience[Little League][Highschool][College][Minors][MLB]- Babe Ruth *****es
    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- Yankees are #1
    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- Trade the Yankees Berkman and Oswalt and Lee for Igawa
    -Best moment at a MLB game- July 31st, 2007; the day I found out about PSD forums and the day before I joined. I went to a Yankees White Sox game. A Rod needed 1 more homer to have 500. 9 Homers were hit by the yankes, non of them by A Rod. I also got to boo farnsworth for the final time. It was also my last trip to Yankee Stadium:cry:
    -Most historic MLB record- Boki Nacbars "greatest non MLB player" award
    -Favorite movie- Harold and Kumar(The Original)
    -Hobbies- Oh wouldnt you like to know TP so you could lead me into your rape cave
    -Anything else you would care to share-Boki Nachbar is a beast.
    Last edited by Robbw241; 10-13-2008 at 03:58 PM.

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    Jun 2007
    -Location- Hi, I'm from England
    -Favorite current Astro- I have no idea who plays for th Astros...Berkman?
    -Favorite former Astro- erm, wait I'l ask TP....saggy bags
    -Baseball experience[Little League][Highschool][College][Minors][MLB]- I played once I think
    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- not any baseball teams, maybe the Orioles cus Ripken is a effing Beast...I'm a huge Jazz fan of the NBA, I know how much you Houston guys love us.
    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade-dunno, sign some baseball guys
    -Best moment at a MLB game- never ever been
    -Most historic MLB record- dont know
    -Favorite movie- Anchorman, Team America, Step brothers....Semi Pro!
    -Hobbies- basketball, soccer, doing nothing and being sim league commish
    -Anything else you would care to share- my name is Mark, how are you doing?

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    Nov 2007
    -Location: Cypress, TX

    -Favorite current Astro- prolly ozzie or pence

    -Favorite former Astro- ensberg...seemed like such a great guy off the field

    -Baseball experience- ps2 lol

    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- the rays and red sox

    -Least favorite team- the yankees...they buy talent

    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- good Q lol

    -Best moment at a MLB game- i always go to opening day with my dad and some of his buddies from work, so thats always real neat to see the Astros play the first regular season game

    -Anything else you would care to share- my fav jersey for the Astros is the white jersey with the red Astros lettering

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    Jan 2009
    -Location: Ruston LA
    -Favorite current Astro- Jack Cassel.
    -Favorite former Astro- Jeff Bagwell
    -Baseball experience[Little League][Highschool][College][Minors][MLB]- High School
    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- Why cheer for any other team?
    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- Sign Andy Pettite. He is better than every pitcher besides Oswalt
    -Best moment at a MLB game- 08 Red Sox series. I went with my fiancee and best friend and loved every second of that road trip
    -Most historic MLB record- I dont care about records only world series wins
    -Favorite movie- The Godfather
    -Hobbies- Hanging out with friends and watching sports
    -Anything else you would care to share- Go Astros win the division this year

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    Mar 2009
    Location: Sheldon, TX

    -Favorite current Astro- Fat Elvis and Roy O

    -Favorite former Astro- Baggy, Biggio

    -Baseball experience- all through little league and varsity hs jr. and sr. yr.

    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- Whoever is playing against the Yanks

    -Least favorite team- the yankees- they represent everything that is wrong in baseball

    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- sign pudge for two years team option on second - so towels can get some more exp from a pro

    -Best moment at a MLB game- Larry Walker hit two foul balls in a row that landed right in my lap this was a few years ago

    -Anything else you would care to share- I am guilty of hating the astros just as much as i love em' when they go on their 2-10 streaks in the middle of the season then fall short at the end of the year

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    Jul 2007
    Corpus Christi,TX
    -Location- Corpus Christi, TX
    -Favorite current Astro- Hunter Pence
    -Favorite former Astro- Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio and Glenn Davis

    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- In baseball, none. Cowboys and Spurs

    What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- I would package Lee to any team that would eat up some salary.

    -Best moment at a MLB game- April 9th 2005. My first Astro game I ever attended. I promised myself upon return from Iraq I would go see my team play. That night Roger was honored for his Cy Young award and his mom threw the first pitch. I saw Bagwell hit a HR over the Crawford boxes. He only hit 3 that year due to his injury. We were down most of the game. We had a runner on first in a 3-3 tie. Vizcaino sends one all the way to the right field fence and the winning run scores from first. Til this day that game gives me chills
    -Favorite movie- Major League 2 "They'll blow it in the 9th, they will".

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    Feb 2004
    -Location- Iowa
    -Favorite current Astro- Roy Oswalt
    -Favorite former Astro- -
    -Baseball experience[Little League][Highschool][College][Minors][MLB]- Watching Houston destroy the Cubs
    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- Used to be the Cubs, now I'm switching.
    -Favorite movie- Tommy Boy
    -Anything else you would care to share- I'm a bandwagon Astros fan for a few weeks.

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    Nov 2010
    -Location: BRAZIL

    -Favorite current Astro- Lee and Pence

    -Favorite former Astro- Glenn Davis

    -Baseball experience- ESPN

    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- A little fan of red sox

    -Least favorite team- Cardinals

    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- Kill myself, just kidding

    -Best moment at a MLB game- 05 NL game

    -Anything else you would care to share- I miss so much 2005
    Rockets | Texans | Astros

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    Oct 2010
    Location: Memphis, TN

    -Favorite current Astro- Pence and Johnson

    -Favorite former Astro- 1st Nolan Ryan, 2nd Bagwell, 3rd Caminiti, 4th Biggio 5th Shane Reynolds

    -Baseball experience- Little league, Jr travel, High school

    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- Memphis Grizz and Tennessee Vols

    -Least favorite team- CUBS!!!!!!!!!

    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- Unlike alot of fans I don't think Wade has done so bad, heck Minors are better, cleared payrole, hell he can only do what the owner lets him do. I guess I would like impossible, trade Lee for Young? I think Young would be a good clubhouse guy and some veteran help to mold some of these young guys. We really only have on glue guy on this team and he is really young to be our only real glue and face of the club in Pence

    -Best moment at a MLB game- Nolan Ryan's No hitter, Bagwell's 300th Hrs, I guess on what game I thought he would do it and went from Memphis and was there for it. and of coarce the HR in the 18th

    -Anything else you would care to share- I want this team to compete, our fans are great fans and we don't get the respect was deserve, and I would love to go undefeted against the CUBS this year!!!!

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    Jul 2011
    East Texas
    -Location- Est Texas and not happy about it. Wanna get back to Houston.

    -Favorite current Astro- who the hell do we even have now? I guess if I had to pick one now it'd be Parades.

    -Favorite former Astro- Jose Cruz

    -Baseball experience[Little League][Highschool][College][Minors][MLB]- tried out for UT and got cut, but I took Mark Petkovsek deep

    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- I went to school for just a bit in Boston so I can tolerate the Red Sox

    -What moves would you make if you were Ed Wade- probably commit suicide

    -Best moment at a MLB game- was at Mike Scott's no-hitter against the Giants.

    -Most historic MLB record- two grand slams in one inning. Nobody will ever do that again.

    -Favorite movie- hmmmm... I guess The Usual Suspects

    -Anything else you would care to share- I caught a Terry Puhl foul ball off Atlee Hammaker when I was 20 and took it back the next night and Puhl signed it. Years later we worked for the same company and I met him and told him and he said he remembered it because I was the only person who told him he was their hero when they were 10 years old.

  13. 12-22-2011, 01:21 PM
    Quit trolling in every forum and post padding. We all get it you love chan ho park

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    Jan 2009
    Los Angeles
    man this place is a ghost town. needs some activity.

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    Oct 2010
    That's what happens when our team blows, plus nothing worth posting about

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    Dec 2005
    hello all! I know the Astros aren't doing well this year but I have a business trip coming up to Houston and I'm planning to get in a Astros Phillies game on the 16th of September.

    Recommendations on where to sit, eat before the game, eat after the game- restaurants that are good?

    things to do in Houston?

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