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    Oct 2010
    How long are you going to be here? Houston has an extremely vast amount of things today

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    Apr 2009
    Are you all serious this thread started December 30 2007 ! This thread has 46 replies in almost 5 years and still open ? Is this the twilight zone maybe even a St. Louis Browns or Seattle Pilots thread ? Are you all using smoke signals , two Dixie Cup with string or using old Atari Comodore Dial up computers ? Does the Astros even have any Fans following them on this site ?
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    Jun 2017
    -Location- Richmond, TX
    -Favorite current Astro- George Springer
    -Favorite former Astro- Jose Cruz/Jeff Bagwell
    -Baseball experience[Little League][Highschool][College][Minors][MLB]- I watch a lot of it
    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- Alabama Crimson Tide
    -What moves would you make if you were Jeff Luhnow- add a SP
    -Best moment at a MLB game- Saw Craig Biggio's 3,000th hit
    -Most historic MLB record- Cal Ripken's streak will never be broken
    -Favorite movie- Hunt for the Red October
    -Hobbies- Soccer, Softball, Family
    -Anything else you would care to share - Nope

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    Nov 2010
    Annapolis MD
    Welcome to PSD astrosfanatic.......I think I've posted on other forums with you before.

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