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    Oct 2010
    How long are you going to be here? Houston has an extremely vast amount of things today

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    Apr 2009
    Are you all serious this thread started December 30 2007 ! This thread has 46 replies in almost 5 years and still open ? Is this the twilight zone maybe even a St. Louis Browns or Seattle Pilots thread ? Are you all using smoke signals , two Dixie Cup with string or using old Atari Comodore Dial up computers ? Does the Astros even have any Fans following them on this site ?
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    Jun 2017
    -Location- Richmond, TX
    -Favorite current Astro- George Springer
    -Favorite former Astro- Jose Cruz/Jeff Bagwell
    -Baseball experience[Little League][Highschool][College][Minors][MLB]- I watch a lot of it
    -Favorite teams besides the Astros- Alabama Crimson Tide
    -What moves would you make if you were Jeff Luhnow- add a SP
    -Best moment at a MLB game- Saw Craig Biggio's 3,000th hit
    -Most historic MLB record- Cal Ripken's streak will never be broken
    -Favorite movie- Hunt for the Red October
    -Hobbies- Soccer, Softball, Family
    -Anything else you would care to share - Nope

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    Nov 2010
    Annapolis MD
    Welcome to PSD astrosfanatic.......I think I've posted on other forums with you before.

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    Aug 2008
    San Antonio
    So it doesn't look like too many Astros fans use this forum...
    First, not a fan - but congratulations, you guys know how to run a team and win.
    I'm curious if anyone has any InSite on Joe Espada? I'd like him to be the next manager of the White Sox.
    Is he holding on for Dusty to retire or is he on the way out of town after they win the world series?
    1985 Bears
    2005 White Sox
    2010 Blackhawks
    1991 Bulls

    1981 Sting

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