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    Quote Originally Posted by Hustla23 View Post
    lol Walsh is going to pull the same exact ploy with Eddy that he did with Zach.

    Except for Eddy we might get some value..........

    Let's see what Mobley and TT do for us before we say we got no value. Let MD work some magic and see what happens.

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    quick someone order this video for Eddu Curry!

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    Jun 2007
    Im actually happy to see him working his way back into practice. Good for you Curry. With no Randolph I guess we can RENT a post presence.

    Notice how I say RENT, cause RENT is a STINT. Get IT. (Where's Weezy lol).

    Anyway, Curry will be gone just like Zach Randolph. Walsh might hop on the first offer this time around.

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    I just hope both him and Jeffries are gone before the deadline and we are clear about wat we're doing with Lee and Nate, and if we're not keeping them then we should trade them for picks this year or next. If we can get rid of Curry and Jeffries though we have mountains of cash to throw at Lebron and friends in 2 years and will only have to worry about building and the right now because all the cap space in 2010 will have already been cleared

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    All I gotta say is eddy curry is garbage and for MTL I think Weezy was at the Marbury Walsh meeting yesterday....a milli a milli amilli amilli

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