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    Make Wilson Chandler into the Franchise!

    Ok, after the blow-out to Philly last night. We need to stop. The Knicks arent doing anything the way they are playing now. We are on our way to another 20-win season anyway.

    So I say lets develop our young guys and make Wilson Chandler into a great player. Lets let him get the majority of the shots and make him a franchise. He has all the tools to become a franchise player. He just needs to develop. Nate has been very consistent. Lee will average a double-double again and look more towards his offense. Only reason Crawford is on the lineup cause we have no one else. And lets force Curry to become a rebounder and shotblocker.

    I like Marbury, Zach, and everyone else, it is that we are going to lose either way, so why not develop our young guys.

    And then hopefully we can draft: OJ Mayo, Michael Beasley, Eric Gordon, or Derrick Rose.

    PG- Nate
    SG- Crawford
    SF- Chandler
    PF- Lee
    C- Curry

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    we hardly know what type of character the dude has to start preparing him to be the franchise player of the future knicks...let's see where his head is at 1st.

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    Ummm....who called it? Who said it OVER A YEAR AGO! I love bringing back my old threads and showing my insight on players like Wilson Chandler. Wilson Chandler should be getting the ball come crunch time and it has worked over the past three games.

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    Good call man.
    Quote Originally Posted by vash9 View Post
    The Almighty God of all Knicks fans.

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    Ahh bro, MTL, I think this is turning into a mancrush

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