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    Feb 2009
    not really a hockey fan, but just wanted to stop a say goodluck and bring home he title for cali baby....

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    May 2009
    Snow College
    Hey guys, I'm new to hockey, just starting to get into it.

    1. Location-Utah

    2. Favorite Current Shark-Still haven't quite learned the entire team yet but it's probably Marleau.

    3. Favorite Former Shark- N/A

    4. What other teams in the NHL do you root for? Blackhawks!

    5. Other sports you enjoy? What other sporting teams do you root for? Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Braves, Utah Jazz

    6. Anything else you care to share? My brother and I just decided to get into hockey before last season and we decided to pick teams just based on team name/logo/colors, he picked the Blackhawks while I picked the Sharks, neither of us knew what teams were good or bad, and it just happened that we picked the first 2 seeded teams in the Western Conference, AND they both went to the semi-finals. Also doesn't hurt that the Sharks are right next door to my Raiders . SO excited for Niemi by the way.
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    "I know one thing for sure; you won't be able to say that Braves fans don't care" Chipper Jones

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    Sep 2010
    1. Location-Utah

    2. Favorite Current Shark-Still haven't learned but pavelski

    3. Favorite Former Shark- idk

    4. What other teams in the NHL do you root for?
    5. Other sports you enjoy?all

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    Jun 2012
    Locaton: New Jersey
    Favorite Current Shark: just got into hockey, still learning
    Favorite All Time Shark: idk
    Other sports I enjoy: Baseball. I love the A's

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