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    Dec 2006

    Giants Fans Register Here and Check-In!

    *****Welcome to the San Francisco Giants Forum*****

    As you all know, this is a forum to talk about your San Francisco Giants. During your visit, things can get pretty heated when you're discussing the sport. However, there's no need to result to insults or cursing. By following some common dencency, we can all make everyone's experience a little more enjoyable.

    Another thing you should watch for is PLEASE search the forum before making any NEW thread. Keeping it nice and tidy can actually bring more guests to sign up. We would like to expand PSD as large as possible.

    Here are some other general rules: Site Rules
    Basic question/answers on how to use PSD: FAQ

    This thread is NOT open for any debates, flaming, trolling, etc. It will not be tolerated in anyway so please refrain from doing it to save us all the trouble. On the other hand, this thread is for NEW members to introduce themselves to the Giants forum and get a basic overlay of the rules and whats expected here at PSD. Also old members, please feel free to re-introduce yourselves to everyone anytime you want.

    Guidelines you can follow in introducing yourself...
    2.Favorite Giants player-
    3.Favorite former Giants player-
    4.What other sport teams do you root for?-
    5.Anything else you care to share?-

    Any other questions that aren't answered here, you can "Privite Message" me.

    Attention Guests!: Wanna join in this discussion? SIGN UP!!!
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    Dec 2006
    I'll start this off...

    1.Location- The Bay Area
    2.Favorite Giants player- Matt Cain
    3.Favorite former Giants player- Willie Mays
    4.What other sport teams do you root for?- Basketball in general...
    5.Anything else you care to share?- Love sports, Go GIANTS!

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    Feb 2007
    bay area
    1.Location - SF
    2.Favorite giants player - bengie molina(this will probably jinx him)
    3.Favorite former giants player - does this have to be a question? willie mays
    4.What other sport teams i root for - 49ers, sactown kings, sharks
    5.Anything else i care to share- trade benitez

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    Dec 2006
    Golden 1 Center
    1. Location: EAST BAY AREA, CA
    2. Favorite giants player: Matt Cain, Buster Posey
    3. Favorite former giants player: Kirk Rueter, Matt Morris, Jeff Kent, Robb Nen
    4. What other sports teams i root for: KINGS-nba, COLTS-nfl, CANUCKS-nhl
    5. Anything else i care to share: hello.
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    “Maybe one of these days I won't fail ” - Clayton Kershaw following Dodgers World Series loss

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    Dec 2006
    honolulu, HI
    9ers, and chic bears
    kalani falcons baseball. ye ye

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    Dec 2006
    1.Location-Bay Area
    2.Favorite Giants player-Cain/Timmy
    3.Favorite former Giants player-Rob Nen! Anyone who gives up their arm for the giants will always be loved!!
    4.What other sport teams do you root for?-Love the 49ers, Giants, Warriors, and Sharks!
    5.Anything else you care to share?- Get rid of benitez and i'll watch the rest of the season even if we are in last place. Just get rid of him
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    Jun 2007

    Big ups to my SF bros!

    Location: SoCal (Indio)
    Fav Giants Player: Barry "US" Bonds
    Fav Former Giants Player: Will "The Thrill" Baby
    Other sports teams: Da Raiders, Lakers, UCLA basketball/USC football (I know, I know, not the most logical combination)
    Other info: Kind of tough being a SF fan in SoCal but I represent the Giants to the fullest no matter where I'm at. Watch every game possible through baseball package. Basically, huge Giants fan.

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    Mar 2007



    Seahawks, Alabama football and basketball

    i know i live in TN but i am a huge giants fan!
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    May 2007
    location: Bay Area
    Favorite Giants Player: Noah Lowry (for the past 2 years)
    Favorite Former Giant: got to go w/ mays
    Other Teams/sports I root for: 49ers, Warriors, Cal Bears
    Anything Else: Don't Trade Lowry! Please!

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    Jun 2007
    Davis, ca
    location: Sacramento
    Favorite Giants Player: Kevin Frandsen, Matt Cain
    Favorite Former Giant: Matt Williams
    Other Teams/sports I root for: 49ers, Kings
    Anything Else:No

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    Jan 2007
    The Sco'
    1.Location- The Sco'
    2.Favorite Giants player- Bengie Molina
    3.Favorite former Giants player- Juan Marichal
    4.What other sport teams do you root for?- sharks, cal, spurs, bucs
    5.Anything else you care to share?- beat la
    Last edited by cuttygiantsfan; 01-18-2008 at 11:11 PM.

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    Jun 2007
    1.Location- SF
    2.Favorite Giants player- Barry Bonds
    3.Favorite former Giants player- Woody
    4.What other sport teams do you root for?- Lakers and 49ers
    5.Anything else you care to share?- Get some help in the bullpen?

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    Jun 2007
    San Jose Ca

    1st time poster

    Hi 1st time poster and Die Hard Giants fan....
    have been a lurker for way to long finally got the nerve to register.

    ohh yeah can any one tell me how to put in my signature ? nothing in User CP for that option

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    Sep 2005
    Cliffside Park, NJ
    Welcome to the forums.

    You need to reach 100-110 posts before you are allowed a signature. Just make sure you don't post whore to get to that point.

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    Jun 2007
    1. Bay Area
    2. Bonds
    3. Robb Nen
    4. Kings, Sharks, and KC Chiefs, yes I know it's odd.
    5. New GM?

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