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    Sticky: The NBA is dominated by small forwards because...

    The NBA is dominated by small forwards because they can do it all. Point guards are inherently limited by their height/weight. You never trade up for a point guard unless you think he is the next...
  2. The point from my post is not to rank the...

    The point from my post is not to rank the Lakers's supporting cast. The point is to show how little value the supporting cast have. All of them were picked up in free agency after the team was formed...
  3. Did Lebron and AD show that players 3-15 on NBA rosters are just pawns?

    I used to root for players on my team who I doubted would ever make an all-star game, but who gave it their best in every game.

    After seeing Lebron and AD absolutely destroy every team in the...
  4. Why is Lebron James allowed to make only as much as Blake Griffin/Lowry/Wall make?

    Having a salary cap and a player cap completely destroys any chance of league parity.

    Lebron is 100x better than all the players getting paid the same as him. Why is this being ignored?

    If each...
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