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    Sticky: Help the Nets? Help the Knicks

    I would if the trade would help the Knicks.
    That's the question, isn't it?
    Would getting Irving for two low first round draft picks and four expendable players help the Knicks?
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    Sticky: You Want Yourselves a Point Guard?

    The Nets are apparently fed up with Kyrie Irving and view the trade for Harden as more likely a replacement for Irving than a complement for him.

    They gave up a lot for Harden, a bunch of most...
  3. Expansion

    I hear there's talk of expansion because the league is hemorrhaging money so that they can get some of that expansion cash.

    Talk about wrong-headedness. For most teams, they'll be lucky to coming...
  4. It's almost impossible to build a contender in...

    It's almost impossible to build a contender in the NBA these days.
    The only true contending teams are where the handful of superstars in the league decide to congregate.
    Its the Nets and the Lakers...
  5. Insanity

    The NBA is a ridiculous joke.

    Whether thru free agency or thru stacking with forced trades, having a handful of teams having any chance of winning over the next few years while everyone else goes...
  6. I've been following basketball a long time and I...

    I've been following basketball a long time and I don't recall seeing shooting fluctuating this wildly very often.

    It's one thing if you come up against a great defensive team that contests your...
  7. I qualified "if this continues" I liked Fizdale,...

    I qualified "if this continues"
    I liked Fizdale, but figured he was a bad coach after what happened with all the blowouts.
    If it happens to Thibodeau, then it can happen to anybody.
    Just starting...
  8. Fizdale

    If this continues, then my apologies to Fizdale.
    Home blowout after home blowout - I liked Fizdale, but figured it was on him for sure.
    If the same thing happens to Thibodeau, then it's not the...
  9. It's a Make it or Miss it League

    It's a Make It or Miss It league.

    When the Knicks shoot well, they win, when they don't, they don't.

    They didn't.
  10. ?

    OK I'll let the coach decide.
    For a minute there I thought it was my decision.
  11. Early Days

    It's early days as far as anointing Randle as an all-star.
    However, if he stays as good as he has been for the first 8 games this year, then he is.

    Assuming Randle will be an all star, the Knicks...
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    We'll never agree

    We can post a zilliion times, we'll never agree on this one.
    The last thing I hope Douglas does is waste an overall #2 pick on Fields or Wilson for that matter.
    I'll give you Lawrence second...
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    OK - Let's trade down from #2, get some more...

    OK - Let's trade down from #2, get some more picks and grab some of these guys - forget the dominant line and go for overall strength
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    I'm not talking stopgap OK, I'm talking an o-line...

    I'm not talking stopgap OK, I'm talking an o-line that will dominate for the next decade.
    We want an o-line that we can build the offense around - Fant isn't good enough for that

    Who plays center...
  15. A couple of things: The young guys didn't do...

    A couple of things:

    The young guys didn't do much to contribute to the win.
    Barrett shot poorly again - at this point he might just be tired
    When Knox and Quickley were out there, Utah blew our...
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    I think Rosen is still in play.
    The Cards and Dolphins were bad situations (not far off from the Jets) and Tampa had the GOAT
    Would be interesting to see if the 49ers give him a real shot.
  17. You May be Right

    The Knicks are pretty light up front even with Toppin on the roster.
    Randle is going 40 minutes a game right now.

    If they went with Halliburton at #8, which I would have done by the way, I would...
  18. Halliburton vs Toppin

    If we drafted Haliburton, who looks excellent, we wouldn't have drafted Quickley.
    As good as Haliburton looks, Quickley looks like he may end up better.
    In fact, right now, Quickley looks like he...
  19. The New Randle


    Thibodeau should be coach of the year just for what he's done with Randle alone.
    Randle right now looks very LeBron-ish.
    If he keeps playing this way, he's definitely an all-star.
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    Don't Assume

    I wouldn't assume that every quarterback class will, by default, have guys like Burrow and Herbert in it. This was an aberration. Lawrence is hyped to be as good as these guys, but he'll be off the...
  21. We have long memories

    In Porzingis' first three years in New York (he was injured the fourth year),

    2015-16, they started 20-20, finished 12-30
    2016-17, they started 16-13, finished 15-38
    2017-18, they started 10-7,...
  22. Is it too early to start calling him Dr. J Junior?

    Is it too early to start calling him Dr. J Junior?
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    Boxing Yourself Into a Corner

    Hopefully Douglas enters the draft with an open mind rather than I have to take one of these QBs or we're gonna die. This team has a ton of serious holes and if you can trade the #2 for several high...
  24. Sticky: I'm rooting for Doncic to have a non-career...

    I'm rooting for Doncic to have a non-career threatening season ending injury this year and for Porzingis to be limping around for at least half the season, the Mavs miss the playoffs and enter the...
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    What to do?

    To me, Darnold was playing for his job the last three weeks.

    If the Jets went 0-16, no way they didn't take Lawrence (altho' I think he's way overhyped)

    Sam went two and a half games making a...
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