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  1. So.. to answer your question, no i dont think its like a child using crystal meth (which isnt ingested, its usually smoked or injected). I DO think its like a child taking meth tho, which has proven to be effective in slowing manic children. I personally would NEVER allow a child of mine to take it bcuz of the adverse effects that come with it...Same thing with ritalin.
    This is very complex and has many fine lines, so i understand peoples confusion. What i dont understand is making a sig calling someone stupid who clearly has not only more knowledge of the subject, but also more 1st hand experience with the drug.
    So.. Once again.. Richard Sherman saying NFL players should be allowed to take adderall is EXACTLY like saying NFL players should be allowed to take meth, because he uses it to get the exact same effects meth gives you.. he wants to abuse it.
    There are THOUSANDS of people today in treatment for adderall abuse.
  2. I believe my exact quote was "meth" as in meth ampetamine. Crystal Meth is the poor mans version of Pseudo mixed with Hydroiodic acid, its pretty much like crack vs cocaine. Purity and concentration are the main differences bw crystal and pure meth.
    This is the tricky part of adderall use (and why i think it will soon be banned as a pharmaceutical agent). A person who legitimately has ADD or ADHD (characterized by high levels of dopamine in the brain, causing manic behavior) doesnt receive the same effect as a person without ADD or ADHD. When a child with high dopamine levels takes an adderall, it stimulates whats known as "dopamine antagonists",when this happens, it actually reduces the amount of available dopamine the brain, calming a manic child.
    A person with normal levels of dopamine takes an adderall, it directly increases available dopamine.. causing euphoria, heightened awareness, increased reaction time and reduced fatigue..this is why richard sherman wants to take it.
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    I love how all the Anti-Tebow guys have these conspiracy theories to try to rationalize the signing to themselves. I've heard them all now.

    1. He's Rudy. He's going to work so hard it will influence others then they cut him in August.

    2. It's only a favor to McD and Urban. After the PS he's cut. BB is such a nice guy he wants to trade Mallett but he's going to give reps to someone else as a favor. Yeah.

    3. Belichick is just trolling the Jets. Yeah, I'm sure he'd waste his time.

    4. This is a ploy to increase Mallett's value by making him look good....Seriously?

    There's even more but my God.
  4. LOL i think my exact quote was "its basically like taking meth".. Which it is.. Let me post this again, it seems you have reading issues..
    "Many people often mix up methamphetamine and amphetamine. This is not surprising, since they are quite similar, and are, for all intents and purposes, the same drug. <----- CAN YOU READ THIS?
    Im the moron? you dont even know that adderall has a methyl group and you used wikipedia to "attempt" to learn something, good try. I dont know why I am arguing with someone who probably has a GED. The facts are the facts, and I posted them all for ya.. Argument over, I win..
  5. http://www.methamphetaminetreatment....phetamine.html

    That is so weird..You stop responding once a legitimate argument is made.. It's cool your not very intelligent, but be a little more open minded about things you have ZERO knowledge on..
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    I posted the podcast link and article from a QB coach in the thread. Maybe about 30 posts ago.
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    I keep thinking I should turn the TV on but haven't. I guess I'll check it out.

    Did you catch any of that stuff I've been posting about all these diff ppl saying he's fixed his motion? Especially the podcast I posted?
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    I never argued about Tebow with him bc he won't listen to anything but what he says.

    But I had others think I was nuts.

    I was a little worried that he would really not make a TC right away this year. I'm excited now at the least he has a few preseason games in him.
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    We were right.
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    With 2 members?
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