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    just a reminder--ff draft tomorrow....Saturday, Aug 28, 2010 at 4:00pm EDT.
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    hey steel im watchin lions and steel ian redmans good and vanden bosh is making leftwichs life difficult i like our dline--------------------------------------reman looked good last year too..believe it or not, we are actually trying him out as a fullback too..I just hope he makes the roster this year....very good player...

    and you can forget the score on that game bro, feel good about vandenbosh and suh on defense..lions for years now have had some of the lowest run defense rankinngs..looks like the dline has improved some, especially the pass rush....vry good thing to have, and makes the entire secondary better at the same time...

    so feel good about that right there dude...
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    hey steel thanks for your help bro good luck to youtoo i hope to meet you again at the Championship get ready you took away from me my brandon marshall im out to get you now-------------------------------------LOL!--yeah, I got him this year in that other league I am in..I sure hope he does good....

    but in our league--I am not targeting him actually...I target only a select few players, and then just take best player available...if it is marshall, then so be it....but I hate drafting a player in a new surrounding, cause you never know...

    just like--TJ Houshmanzadeh????? drafted him when he went to hawks, and he stunk up the place....he used to be one of the best FF players at WR for points....

    so i hope marshall doesn't do like he did...cause it seemed like housh would do GREAT in seattle...but he didn't..
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    OK--saw that you was already in the league..I am so confused..LOL!...oh well, youre in there, and so is everyone else...

    I was worried that I wouldn't get in touch with you in time...I felt obligated to have that s[pot for you since you was aplayoff team...and I am glad you and I finally hooked up...and everything is like it should be...

    on the draft date...I know that stinks hjaving a baseball game that day, but I used a cpu picked draft in another league and was super happy with the results I can always drop a player you don;'t like and add someone better..I do that tons and live draft mine...LOL!....

    and if you can't show up that day I understand...but all you have to do is--nothing bro...if you don't show up, the CPU will make your picks for you may want to look at the rankings in the league, and adjust them, you know, move players around up and down to what you like..I personally don't move a thing, except players I do not like, I kove them way down..and that is njust a few of them too...

    but thanks for getting in there bro....good luck to you, and if it is you and me again in the big game, take it easy on me OK???
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    hey dude need your help my stupid email erased your message-----------------oh, sorry, I didn't pan down and read that one..LOL!!!...sure, i'll send you another invite again....
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    hey dude bad news the draft day i wont be here ill be at a baseball game i got free tickts too so what should i do--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------well, last year you had a cpu picked team and nearly won it all, so I guess you could do that again...
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    I sent your invite to your address bro...
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    hey bro sorry im back man its wednesday it too late sorry bad man that was my bad jus t my summer job and things got crazy if its too late bro i understand totally but im here and ready so what do i do-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------yeah!!!!

    no buddy, still got the spot for yoy, I was waiting for you in fact..sure I had to ask others, but you have first call since you played last year, that spot is yours anyway...

    I need your email address sent to me via private message, and as soon as I get that I will gladly send your invite to sure to do that private bro....

    and yes,our boy lebeau finally got his very deserved place among the greats..he is both of ours too....

    get back to me with that email address, I will check my profile late tonight, and after 4:00 oclock tomorrow due to work..I will check it everyday for you bro...

    last year you made the big dance..this year you could do even more...let's find out OK????
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    OK friday, I will have to find someone else....I am sorry if you don't egt into my league, I remembered you though, and hope you understand I had to move on bro....hopefully you will get on here this week, I am hoping preseason football makes you and lionsfan get in here...

    friday is the cutoff date bro...
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    brother, I am still waiting for you...but--I like to have my FF thing locked a bit early....

    please message me, once you read this, and I hope you do before I have to fill up my league...

    If I do have it filled, please don't be mad at me, I just have to fill up the league, and wanted you, just circumstance messed it up..

    I'll wait a bit longer and check everyday for your message..but in another week, I have to give away the spots...
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