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    Yeah that was me. I tried doing it by itself the first time around but I didnt succeed. But then I mixed up P90X and Insanity and I got some great results.

    It really helps your stamina and can definitely lose some good weight on that. You should check out the fitness forum here on PSD, you can get some great advice there.
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    so then trade big ben to oakland!!!!
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    you think dennis dixon is a franchise qb?
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    J Diz,
    If u want to see some of DD collage highlights hit up You Tube. I think the best one to see him throwing is called Dennis Dixion highlts its spelled wrong and theres no sound, but its 8:09 min i believe its been awhile since ive watched it!!
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    Yeah hopefully we can get a CB or O Lineman out of them if we trade them.
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    Well J Diz, Ben case is going to the DA. What do u think? I really would like to see things work out for Ben, But if it doesnt.......Im ready for Double D. I watched every game of his collage career. Also if the Investagators are taking the case to the DA they must feel they have something to convict!!
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    hey man sorry for responding so late. Yah the I only did 2 sets with the max weight things you think I should do 3 sets in the 4-10 range---------------------that would really depend on your body...if 2 does it, cool...but if 3 makes you more sore, then you are growing more...

    that's the thing really..everyone is different, so others workout routines are just really guidelines..maybe you do someone elses routine and it is 100% perfect..for a while..then ya gotta change it up some...

    so everyones routine is really custom made for their body, at that time of in all honesty, there is no right or wrong..just better or worse really...results are all that matter, so weight and sets really depend on 2 things--what you are doing (ripped and toned, light weight high reps) or mass building (super heavy weight, with low reps, like I discussed there)

    I guess both routines are needed for max results..I only did power lifting myself, I didn't want or need to look like a body builder, I wanted my strength levels high..sure large muscles come with that LOL!...

    but I was really suprised to see some really muscular dudes not pushing that much weight, but looking like they did...I sometimes doubled their weight, but didn't have the look they had...I looked big, but smooth..

    I have a horrible body type too...I am 6' 4" tall..long limbs...about the hardest type to look muscular, I have to get HUGE...arm bones and leg bones are just too long man..LOL! for me, strength was the only thing I worked on, not look...
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    not to jump in univited (i Guess I am LOL!)..but I read some of your workout routine stuff there....interesting...

    what I used to do was similar in the pyramid thing, but less repetitions and sets....but operating at my max weight capacities..

    basically I knew what I could do as far as max weight on whatever I did 3 sets controlled, slow, and top form...with 80% on my first set, 90% on my second, and my last set---man, max weight, try for 6-10...

    If I didn't fail after 10 on my last set--weight got bumped up until I did...that was my whole idea--to lift and operate near my max lift capacity until I reached failure...then I knew EXACTLY when my strength levels got better..cause my routine bumped up...

    if you ever get bored with your pyramid, or your muscles stop responding to your workout, try it out....but have a workout partner and spotter at all times...cause you WILL need them...

    this was a Lee Haney style workout, based on the concept of muscle size being the same as weight involved, this was a size building routine..

    but when you get my age and stop working out--you get dude..LOL!..been a long time for me, about 15 years...

    best of luck to ya--hope to see ya compete someday...I'll root ya on...
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    love the avitar dude...LOL!.."I'm that dude!"
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