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  1. Same to you on the fourth. Sometimes you make a blanket statement on a subject and I was just trying to draw out the specifics. I wasn't offended because it was obviously not a personal attack. I just thought that you were being a bit tough on the whole corporation thing and I was trying to point out that some people had legit intentions with their use of the corporation thing. Sorry if I went overboard getting to my point.

    If there is football this year I'm looking forward to the Broncos and my Raiders to renew the rivalry that once was, we've both been down for too long...
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    Hey, happy 4th. I just wanted to say that if i implied, or worse said, in any way that you personally were criminal or bad i truly apologize. I get a bit heated when it comes to certain issues and incorporation is one of those because of people who use the protections to commit crimes that if you or i personally did we would be rotting in a prison cell. It does tend to be larger companies but i have heard stories all the time about small 1-2 man operations that avoided the same prosecution because of the LLC behind the company.

    So again, happy 4th and boo Raiders!
  3. Not by being American by itself but together with everything else it adds strength to a feeling of patriotism. I spent time in the BSA and I'm a little older than yourself. In my elementary school days, politically correct hadn't been thought up yet.

    To leave the traditions of the PoA and the National Anthem behind makes me feel disconnected from my past and things that I know.
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    I get what you are saying but I think our divergence comes from the fact that I don't thinkwe are great (and I suspect you don't either) because we are American. As Ronald Reagan said, greatness isn't in our DNA and tyranny is only one generation away. We excel because of each person pursuing their greatness not because of the flag or pledge.
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    I apologize if i came off as a jerk with my comment, it is tough on the internet to read tone and i interpreted your comment probably the same way you did mine. We disagreed but my comment was a tad over the line in the first part.
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    Lmfao @ your 'Your money is no good here' comment!
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