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  1. John Lee 2/8/09
    I.P. 2 Mr. Dalton

    A. On what grounds did Beveridge make these claims?
    Beveridge made these claims as the Constitution announced that the Philippines are now “Territory belonging to the United States”.

    B. Does this policy urged by Beveridge seem to be connected to any other larger or potential foreign policy of the United States in the pacific?
    Yes, this policy urged by Beveridge is soon led to Imperialism.

    C. Did Beveridge think acquiring the Philippines would increase or reduce the chances war?
    Yes, Beveridge thought that acquiring the Philippines would increase the chances of war because other countries were interest in fighting for the Philippines.

    D. How did he seem to view the Declaration of Independence? The Constitution?
    He viewed the Declaration of Independence as not forbidding us “to do our part in the regeneration in the world” but instead that the Constitution allowed “no apparent application to the present situation”. He viewed The Constitution give Congress the right “to govern all territory the nation may acquire”.

    E. Was Beveridge’s main concern economics or race?
    Beveridge’s main concern was race because he was stated saying that, “ The American people will know where to forever fix the awful responsibility for the consequences that will surely follow such failure to do our manifest destiny…” and this statement shows how the Americans need to fix Philippines by Americanizing it. This is another way of showing manifest destiny.
  2. John Lee 2/3/09
    EQ Mr. Dalton
    During the late 19th century, there were social, political and economical problems that needed to be reformed. There weren’t many individual who informed these problems to the public but with every problem there were some brave muckrakers (journalists) who stood up to the big business such as Rockefeller. Jacob Riis, Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair and Ida B. Wells are muckrakers who played a big role in helping the corruption to an end.
    During the Progressive Era, there were many political problems. City Bosses would bribe the head of the board in order to get what they needed bringing politics to corruption. Voters would not have any privacy while voting and were forced to vote who the bosses needed. Because of this a secret ballot was created. Not was only corrupted but voting machines were corrupted. This called for drastic measures and the Recall was put into place.
    Politic may have been the biggest problem but economy was just a big of a problem than anything. Monopoly gave big business special treatments. Presidents Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson played a big role in breaking this system up for they were all against monopoly and Lazier-far. President Roosevelt got rid of the bad trusts and controlled the good trust as President Wilson believed in the Freedom Reforms. Muckrakers such as Ida Tarbell exposed these big business and robber barons and helped President Roosevelt enforce the Sherman’s Antitrust Act.
    Social problems can not be forgotten. The Urban Poor often lived in tenements with no sanitation and ate without knowing what they ate. Muckrakers such as Jacob Riis informed the public of these conditions by writing books as The Jungle and helped reforms and acts like Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act as well.
    Problems during the 19th century such as social, political and economic brought up many side of people. Individuals such as muckrakers helped bring an end to these problems.
  3. John Lee 1/2/09
    Essential Question Mr. Dalton

    During 1865- 1915, there was a great movement of people and goods/culture/diversity/ places and regions. The increased number of “new immigrants” soon led to a question, “Is there an American Culture?” Not only was that a problem but the massive immigrations also led to new social patterns and conflicts as “old immigrants” were quickly and vastly turning into nativists. With this great challenge at hand, the nation would face many obstacles.

    America has been called the “Salad Bowl” or the “Melting Pot” but whatever you call it, the nation is an immigrant based country. In other words, it was built not only by the British or the Irish and etc but by the all immigrants who first settled here. With that being said, the question “Is there an American Culture?” comes to my mind. What is a culture? Define it how you want but to me, a culture is your tradition and American tradition is immigrants and as long as there is immigrants in the United States, I say that America has its’ own culture. For example, when you visit Manhattan, there is Little Italy, Korean Town, China Town, etc… and that is the culture of America, the great “Melting Pot” where all nations of races become one but yet, it contains its’ own flavor such as in a salad. Lettuces, olive, tomato, carrot and feta cheese but without the dressing on top it would all taste much different but the dressing holds the salad together and creates a whole different sensation as America did for the immigrants (“Salad Bowl”).

    As there was a massive increase of immigration, it led to many new social patterns and conflicts. Many “Old Immigrants” turned into nativist and refused to allow “New Immigrants” into the country. Because the “New Immigrants” were willing to work at such a low wage, there was no need to hire expense workers causing many “Old immigrants” to lose their jobs. There was also much flux of immigrants from a country causing the congress to pass many new immigrant laws which would restrict the number of the new comers.

    During The age of Immigration (1865-1915), the increase of immigrants coming into the America rose to the greatest amount the nation has ever seen causing many conflicts and new patterns of social activities. Nativists became very protective of them and refused to accept new comers and the congress passed many restricting laws. Not only was that a problem but they soon questioned if they had their own cultures. The age of Immigration may have been a hard time for many but it led to many great achievements today.
  4. John Lee 12/17/08
    Mr. Dalton I.P.
    During the early 1900’s, the US Immigration Policy became much more restrictive then they were ever before. Hundreds years ago, when there was a need to populate the wilderness and a desperate need for cheap labors, all immigrants were welcome to the country but unlike then, the there are many restrictions toward the new immigrants. For years, people have debated whether immigration to the United States should be considered as a right or a privilege and to the immigrants it maybe a right but to the “old immigrants” it may be a privilege they offer to the “new immigrants”.
    Today, America may be a great, wealthy and strong country but many years ago it was nothing more than a wilderness that needed to be populated and was in need of a cheap labor. If it wasn’t for the immigrants who were brave enough to come to leave their home country and come to this strange land, the great, wealthy and strong country now called United States of America may still be nothing but wilderness. Today, the immigrant policies restrict many of those who want to come to U.S.A. You or your ancestors were once an immigrant and as if you were never an immigrant, you are denying there honorable attempt to start a new life and a new start.
    Various people may say that immigration to America is a privilege but I for one say, immigration to any country is a right. I believe that an individual may want to immigrate to America but due to an history of crime (or for any other reasons) he/she may not be allow in to the country and so I deem to say that he/she doesn’t have the rights to come to the country. People with the right requirements such a clean felony record and promises no harm to the country should be allowed in.
    From the late 1800’s to current day, the immigration policy was step a limit. An argument can be made that America “used” the immigrants to develop the nation into a great and strong country but there can also be a argument for the side for the US. Immigration can be said as both privilege and a right but either way, immigrants are a big part of the past, the present and the future.
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  6. John Lee
    There are many heroes in the world but to me, Jackie Robinson is the greatest hero out of all of them. Jackie Robinson was the first colored player to ever play in the MLB to break the color barrier. To some this may only seem like a small and unimportant event in history but to the rest, this event brought hope to many not only African Americans but to whoever had a wish which seem to be impossible. Jackie Robinson didnít have the easiest way to the his success, he received many threatening letter and was not treated with respect by neither teammates, opponent nor fans but after many days, months and years of mistreatment he was finally accepted bring all race together and help put an end to segregations.

    Thesis: There are many heroes in the world but to me, Jackie Robinson is the greatest hero out of all of them.
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