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  1. Johnny's such a humble guy that he needs these flurry of compliments too .

    This is one of those times I really should start saving quotes of people telling me how great he's going to be.
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    Nothing counts for Johnny man.

    He's smarter than his Wonderlic

    He's faster than his 40

    When he starts panicking but finds a WR that he could have found 5 seconds before, he was just taking the open running lane

    I've never seen anything like it. He reminds me of parents talking about their kids lol
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    There's a half dozen guys on another forum now all defending him for that play

    "If you have a running lane you take it"

    "He ran back into the pocket when he saw there wasn't anywhere to go"

    "He kept his eyes on his receivers"

    Etc etc. It's hilarious.
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    No worries about going a bit OT. I just figured I'd stop the OT stuff. I feel the same about NY. They still have serious holes and serious questions despite the spending. I think Tanaka is desperately needed as we seem to suck developing pitching, or anything for that matter. And while maybe not logically, I love Balfour and would kill to see that psycho Aussie in NY's pen.

    As far as the M's go, they have a very solid front of the rotation. And while I think Cano was an overpay, I'd rather NY had matched SEA's bid vs. Ells and Beltran. Cano is elite and IMO a top 5 player in baseball. Ellsbury is not. And SEA has some nice young talent across the board. I know some have underachieved but I keep thinking some of those guys will start producing. Hell, I'd wondered about NY trying to trade to get Montero back as I expect he will hit at some point. His bat seemed far to good in the minors for him to fail offensively.
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    I agree with you on the state of the Yankees. (Figured I'd try to keep that thread on topic.) The Yankees miraculously have made themselves older with their signings. Question marks all over the IF. 3 pitchers that any reasonable human would have any level of trust in. And then a variety of junk to throw at the back end, though Pineda and Banuelos at least have some upside and shouldn't be too far off if they can get back to their prior form. But I think the Yankees desperately need Tanaka. And given the money they've overpaid on Beltran and Ellsbury I will be pissed if they get outbid on this one.
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    Don't worry. If Cutler is what I think he is, we are on the verge of something amazing.

    If Cutler "Cutlers" the next two weeks.

    Watch the leaks. The locker room is going to be up in arms. They WILL blame Cutler, some of them, and it WILL come out.
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    Bears fans out number about everyone. Which is why I believe Cutler has SO much support.

    I still can't believe that the McCown run means SO little so so many of them.

    I read their forum and they really just think we're trolling them. They plug their ears and go NANANANANANANA and write off any point. They have to believe were trolls to continue to lie to themselves and ignore logic. They're flying in the face of it, and deep down.........they know it.
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    You know what is silly

    "If we let Cutler go then we lose Marshall."

    Okay, well I can understand that. But why keep a mediocre player just because another player wants him to be there.

    That'd be like saying "If we bench Ponder, AP will demand a trade. We must continue to start Ponder."

    Guess what, as long as Brandon still "gets his" he won't care who the QB is. He cares more about his payday and targets than their friendship. bet on it.
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    I have no idea what Melo is saying lol
  10. I came here to share a few laughs with you about a specific poster but I see you and Norm have been doing it for a few days...

    The only legitimate reasoning I have is that he's a troll. Complete opposite views on everything. Posting one sentence (usually with no substance at all) in four hundred threads every day. At what point does PSD realize that's not contribution?
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