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    Project Update: We've Moved

    Details Here
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    Project Update:
    Members added, ballots ready to be received, and social club has been created in the interim


    Ive created this forum for us while we wait for a response from all potential members, in the mean time you can submit your ballot there, or through PM.

    2:1 members are saying positional ranks are the way to start, most also agree a simplified ballot would be best.

    (POS) : Ballot

    You can submit your Ballot at your leisure but it should be a complete ballot for the Top-15 Players you can think of at whichever position you wish to submit first.

    If the task of properly ranking the Top-15 players at each position as a starting point seems steep, your thinking too much of it. This is just to establish a baseline pecking order so that the poll options can be narrowed down to the majority favored. The beautiful thing about this project is that if you happen to forget someone or under/over value an individual player, there are still 40ish other members who could find him worth mentioning.

    When the votes are tallied, the results will not be limited to 15 Players but every player who received a vote.

    Once again thanks for the help fellas, the credibility of this project gos to **** without the collective efforts of PSDs best. Have a good weekend, hopefully come Monday the voting can start.
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    ----------------- New Post Alert ---------------------

    GOAT Project Members
    sixer04fan --76'ers
    Swashcuff -- 76'ers
    kingbrentg -- Bulls
    JordansBulls -- Bulls
    Iggz53 -- Bulls
    abe_froman -- Bulls
    ChiSox219 -- Bulls
    Corey -- Celtics
    Chronz - Clippers
    SteBO -- Heat
    daleja424 -- Heat
    Catfish1314 -- Kings
    29$jersey -- Knicks
    roshan3ai -- Knicks
    patsSOXknicks -- Knicks
    Wilson -- Lakers
    Bruno -- Lakers
    chacarronsau -- Lakers
    ARMIN12NBA -- Lakers
    lakers4sho -- Lakers
    DenButsu -- Nuggets
    ink - Raptors
    Raps08-09 Champ -- Raptors
    sep11ie -- Rockets
    mightybosstone -- Rockets
    JPHX -- Suns
    Bishnoff -- Suns
    Hawkeye15 -- T'Wolves
    WSU Tony -- T'Wolves
    tredigs -- Warriors

    Voting System
    For Positional: 6
    (Raps08-09 Champ, abe_froman, Iggz53, ebbs, sixer04fan, sep11ie, kingbrentg)
    For Overall: 4
    (Corey, Swashcuff, JB, Denbutsu)

    PS: In order to erase the complaints associated with MHC's method, when it comes time to vote for the best period, I will post the Top3 vote getters even tho I think it wont be necessary.

    Once the voting system is settled on, we have to agree on a scoring system, electoral system or some sort of ballot.

    Ebbs mentioned the idea of a PTS system similar to ESPN's where everyone has a Top(10-15)Ballot, they submit their Top players at that position. The votes are tallied and weighed according to their draft status (#1 gets the full 15PTS, #2 get 14, #3 gets 13 and so on...), the pros to this are that it will speed up the initial process considerably.
    The arbitrary #'s could lead to some iffy results for the positions segment of the project, but since the initial stages are meant only to establish some sort of associative balance, this should not effect the process of selecting the best overall.

    If we go with the Overall system we will copy JB's system to a near T. Hes laid down the foundation, the only change I would suggest is that we begin the voting process by submitting a Top5 Ballot and beginning the 1 by 1 process from that starting point. Most of us have an idea of the first 5 players we plan on voting for anyways.

    Totally up to you guys tho

    So which methodology would you guys rather utilize? Straightforward Player by player voting that works for either system or if we go by positions to start, a scoring ballot where everyone submits their Top-15 at each position?
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    Glad to see my post brought you out of semi-retirement Armin. Even if it was out of pure frustration created by my comment .

    Hope to see you around more come playoffs man, your seething critique is missed in the Laker forum.
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    I haven't seen you around much man. What's up?
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    haven't seen you around in a while bro, what up?
  7. How many more titles do you think LA gets with Kobe/Gasol? I think they are to be together another 4 years thru 2013-2014 with their contracts.
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    Did you see when Chris Rock tried to crack a joke with Kobe and he was all business? Kobe didn't even look Chris' way. lol. The brotha is focused right now and not letting anything distract him from another ring!
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    What's up Armin, prior to the start of the series, I had LA in 7, but after watching Game 1 and how great the Lakers matchup with Boston, I am going to say the Lakers will win in 6 games. The Lakers look like a great team on both ends of the court and are much better than the 2008 team that Boston faced. The matchups are in our favor this time around. Also, Kobe is on another level right now, his focus is off the charts.
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    How do you see the Celtics vs Lakers turning out? I am going with the Lakers in 7 in a series that will be talked about for a long time.
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