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    Just got to say. Finally a great post I've seen. I 100 percent agree with your 2 cents on the "Dennis Allen: Whats acceptable" thread. Some of these fans are trash. I understand the frustration we have with the raiders and would like to see them get back to a winning franchise but patience is virtue. Let the guy coach
  2. dbroncos....I may...I'm gonna write that one down. I have a few books that I have on my bookshelf that I need to get too...but next time I go to the book store I'll look it up.....

    I am with you on the one money issue. But this is what some people want the world to come's not going to work bro.....I mea...look at the EU......
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    I think that Germany leaving is less likely because of their manufacturing base, which is heavily dependent on the free trade zone that was (properly) established by the eurozone. But the whole one currency thing was stupid. It works here because we started as one nation with various segments and had our original "bonding" experience in the Revolution and it grew stronger during WWI and WWII. They are the opposite, if you saw Avengers, they are like the team before they mesh. And I don't think they will become like the team afterwards.

    But also I wanted to recommend a book that I just ordered that I think you will enjoy if you have time. It's called Freedom's Forge, it's about the premise that it was American business that won WWII and brought us out of the depression. It seems right up your alley.
  4. Oh I hear you bro. I have been paying attention. This is why it's important that we not mess it up on this end....
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    Be prepared for possible economic turmoil in the months ahead. Europe is going down hill and its going to happen in one of two ways:

    1. Greece gets kicked out of the Eurozone and then likely Spain and/or Italy follow.

    2. Germany decides to leave because they are sick of bailing everyone else out over there.

    Both will put a severe strain on the US economy because so many of our companies are global today.
  6. It was a long day for me. LOL. Our defense didn't come out of the locker room at half time and the penaties. Man, that alone makes it hard being a die hard fan. But the Donkees deserved it. They played hard and didnt' quit.
  7. To tell you the truth bro the only hits that I had issue with in regards to my boyz was the 2 that were below the belt on Palmer. The ones were they hit by the knees. 2 reason why I had issue was #1 Palmers past knee injury #2 Seymour was fined/pentalized for doing the same thing. While one I thought could have went both ways, one should have been flagged. I don't remember who tackled. Those are the only 2 that I had issue with.

    As for Tebow (Tebow fan), I thought he was getting hit excessive but nothing really delibratly dirty. I think they were trying to rattle his cage and it didnt' work. Tebow is a stud. May not be the most talented guy but he has the most determinatin/heart. The only questionable hit on Tebow was when he got it in the chin with the helmet. The one that was flagged I thought could have went uncalled. I'm use to old fashion football. A lot of hits I don't consider cheap when they get flagged.
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    Did you think Von Miller's hit was dirty? I think you know which one. I think he should have been penalized, but i dont think it was dirty. I think that Tebow was taking some tough hits and Von Miller wanted to send a message that we could hit hard too. I think that hit and McGahee's run were tied for best play of the game for that reason.
  9. That link wouldn't come up bro........give me a breif comment of what it said...
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    this is why I refuse to act like some of you guys.
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