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    just "HI"
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    why was Pablonovi permabanned?
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    yes, if you sent me something i must have missed it. Do you FB?
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    Yes, he has received a permaban due to accumulating 25 total points or more.
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    Unfortunately for Pablo the site's infraction points he recieved weren't of the small variety. 25 points of infractions for any one poster is an automatic permaban. He received a stereotype infraction for 10 and a racist post for 15 which lead to the automatic permaban.
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    Permabanned. The system didn't post a second thread after the other infraction was handed out I guess.
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    My point: I did a lot of in depth study about first Syria and then Ukraine. I've also been trying to figure wtf out about that Malaysian disappeared flight. My best guess is that, because they had 20 super-advanced scientists onboard who had just applied (but not yet received) a patent for making any plane a stealth plane - one tremendous and relatively cheap war-waging advantage; that some country decided to grab the plane so that they can possess the scientists and their technology). Sound crazy? Crazier things have been true.
    In any event, I'm not (yet) sure; but I'm leaning in this direction. I just can't buy that in the year 2014 a plane can disappear completely off of radar and everything else when they can read the lettering written on a thing the size of a baseball ball. No way the thing disappeared AND the US Gov. (and other Gov's) DON'T know what happened to it / where it is now.
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    Part next,
    While for many years, I have been anticipating the appearance of pretexts for WW3 (if one does NOT consider the Cold War as being a World War, even though both sides spent on military stuff like it was a WW). So, the whole world had to rise up to prevent the US from using the Syrian Government hoax-Sarin (it was in fact the US supported rebels who Sarin'd away - funny/ugly how that works); as a pretext to push us to the brink of WW3. That having not worked, where would they try next. Ah! The Ukraine.
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    probably Part 4:
    5) Then, instead of being "faithful" to PSD, I started signing up for a series of other forums (atheist, sports, science, politics, music (did I leave any types out?)). Vastly over-extending myself, I've probably averaged about 1 post per site; with just 2-3 exceptions. Interestingly, just like here at PSD, my very first post on some of those sites got me heavily labeled as either an idiot or someone almost getting banned for unintentionally offended a mod(s); or for being too weird/unique. In one case, having been complained to about too-long posts HERE, I tried conscientiously to post shorter posts there; and almost got banned for it (they like them long and fewer rather than short and more-er; i.e., they don't want people racking up high post counts, I guess?). Confused the bleep out of me; but I eventually got the hang of it, I think?

    Yours sincerely (even if somewhat confusedly),
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    is this part 3?
    2) This is the Center for Global Research. They do excellent in-depth analysis of all the burning issues of the day; AND their perspective, as mine, is to start by being totally suspicious of everything both Political Parties say and do.

    3) Center for an Informed America: My All-Time Favorite Internet Investigator. In my humble opinion, he gets important things wrong less-frequently than anybody else. (His series of articles include: 911, Apollo Moon Program, Boston Marathon Bombing; History of the Hippies / Laurel Canyon; etc.)

    4) YouTube (particularly over the last 6 months: critiques of religion in general; and of Christianity and Islam in particular). One YouTube channel: Agatan Fnd, has 40 or so of these which are generally excellent.
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