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    We will iron it out here
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    Let's keep this via PM dude if u don't mind. I don't want the other folks to get involved since it has nothing to do with them and is none of their business.
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    Its all informal online. Nobody spends time being exact. The posts are all riddled with errors. Its shorthand. Again u took things the wrong way. I mentioned how being against drafting black qbs is a stupid excuse and I still stand by that. Its a stupid and lazy excuse. U took it personally and attacked me as immature. So I pointed out my background to show that if I'm immature what would that make most ppl? Most ppl aren't in our position (again..props to u for ur accomplishments and I mean that with the utmost respect and as genuine as possible tbh..I really do). But u have to let things go and not taking everything so personally. I say those types of responses to everyone in life.. not just to u regarding "lazy excuses" and whatnot. Just got to have thick skin and move on. Nothing is meant to be a personal shot by my comments. Realize the context
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    I didn't go below the belt. U took it that way *******. That's on u. Not me. Man up and stop being sensitive. I'm pointing out that if I'm and 8th grader...what would that make most ppl given the background? That's what I'm saying. Not my fault u can't understand anything. An u have the audacity to call me out due to ur ineptitude. That's on u...not me. Have a good life
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    Just stop dude. U only make urself look bad and pathetic. Just stop. Disrespectful *******. Think what u want. If we ever meet in person...u will be me..thats a fact go on with ur selfish pathetic life. I'm done
  6. Hey there, there's an OOTP 14 league here on PSD, and we need some GMs. We look for two criteria mostly for new GMs:
    1) That you're not a complete idiot
    2) That you're active on PSD

    You fit both these criteria! Congratulations. Anyway, OOTP is incredibly fun, and if you're interested, we'd love to have you. Open teams are the Pirates, White Sox, and Tigers. If you don't know what OOTP is, but are intrigued, let me know and I'll fill you in more. Otherwise: - forum - reports
    you can spend probably an hour a week on OOTP and still do fine, so it's not very time consuming unless you want it to be. Thanks again.
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