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    Hey, just wondering if u would like to help the Hornets forums get active, i see you've been on recently, but anyway check it out and leave ur opinions starting up the game threads and wats goin on with the hornets, so yeh

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    LMFAO Its on there!
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    I like Dan Williams but I personally would rather have Earl Thomas at the moment. However im sure those will change over the next 2 months. I just really feel our secondary needs someone who is a playmaker. No one back there can catch worth a lick (sans Troy.) Qbs arent scared to throw because there's not really a risk of a turnover. Besides Troy, i cant remember a real playmaker since Rod Woodson. Thats tooooo long ago.

    Off-Topic...glad to see LeBeau finally get in the HOF today.-----------------------I agree with every thing you said there 100%..especially the lebeau thing..glad to see that happen while he was still living, I didn't think it would honestly
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    BTW--last year for pick 32 I was screaming for Louis Delmas Fs..he went 33 to the lions, and i believe was rookie of the month this last year...he plays like a steeler..but has to play for the lions..LOL!..poor dude..

    but like you, I agree--secondary big time, and draft to replace the vets, and start them...

    but steelers very rarely start rookies, so most of my posting is more what I think THEY will do, instead of what I would like for them to do...

    one more thing method--if you wish, there is agroup that really has dynamic posters in it, that could use a guy like crew is the name of the group, would love to see ya in there..

    we like dudes who give their insight and opinions, and you are def one of those...feel welcome to join bro, and introduce yourself to everyone...all teams, all topics..
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    Hey how are you? About the draft and signings for Pitt is concerned, this is how i feel about it:
    Regarding Hampton, I have definitely heard that he's coming back one way or another, although he did also say that he does NOT want to be tagged and he views it as disrespectful. Not that it would stop Pitt from using it (at least i hope not) but we might have a nasty situation if we cant re-sign him and he ends up getting tagged. I do also want Clark back, however I honestly dont see it happening. He wants a fair amount of money and would most definitely get more of that elsewhere. Plus hes not exactly great in coverage.

    For the draft, I know a lot of those guys will be gone, but I was just hoping for Pitt to possibly trade up if a guy starts to slip a little bit (ala Santonio and Troy.) I mean i dont want to give up a ton but if a key guy is be for it. Im really really starting to like Earl Thomas FS from Texas and Chad Jones FS from LSU. Check em out if you havent already!-------------------doing good bro...thanks for asking..

    as of right now according to the steelers website they are looking into resigning both clark and hampton..but that doesn't mean they will agree..

    I remember antwan randle el did the same thing...steelers made an offer, but the skins tripled the price, and he maybe the same thing here..

    I do expect hampton to be tagged, and to play one more year as a steeler....I also expect the steelers to take one of the prospects at NT in this draft to be his heir apparent...

    In fact, i expect the steelers with that first pick to take dan williams if he is there, which is likely at this moment...if he isn't, i expect the very man you mentioned there, earl thomas fs out of texas...

    both these guys are right now in the range of the steelers...if both was gone, their are plenty of Ots in that range as well...may go in that direction if they like one of them a lot...

    but I think dan williams NT/DT out of tennesse will be the pick if things remain as they are (which they won't)....LOL!..

    the best pick they could have in this draft is joe haden CB....but that would take some trading to do...but that is who i would like for them to get...but I don't think they will get....I think whoever is in position to get him, won't trade away their pick, they will take him instead...he is a top 10 as of now, and I don't expect him to fall..
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    [ ] Re-Sign/Tag Casey Hampton
    [ ] Draft a good corner/safety in first 2 rounds (Eric Berry, Earl Thomas, Taylor Mays, Joe Haden, or Patrick Robinson)
    [ ] Draft top OT (Russell Okung, Trent Williams, or Bruce Campbell)

    whats up man?..steelers fan here..I saw this on your sig, just wanted to tell ya a few things..
    1-steelers are exploring resigning hampton and clark both....hampton will probably be tagged if he doesn't sign..

    2--the draft things there..OK---here is right now where those guys listed are projected in the draft..
    okung--5th overall...berry 3rd overall...haden 8th overall (browns..yuch)

    and on taylor mays---he is dropping bro...he has been exposed as a roy williams type safety, really bad at coverage but a good hitter...many teams are considering him as more a linebacker than safety..and in our scheme, the safties MUST be able to cover, many times polamalu covers people like antonio gates man to man, most of the game...a tall order for a safety, but he does it well..

    so maybe mays isn't the right guy for the steelers..and most of those guys listed there (god I would LOVE haden) will be gone before we pick..haden is a possibility if he drops some..but I bet he even moves up in value or holds....he is the top prospect at CB....

    okung will probably go to the seahawks to replace walter jones...may slip if they go QB....but not much...
    berry is considered by some as the best player reguardless of position...he won't last long either...
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    Hey what's up? Would you be interested in joining a MLB Fantasy League on ESPN? If so send your email to me and I'll invite you.
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