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    Oh. My God. YOU'RE ALIVE! Great to hear from you. New job eh? What are you up to now? I've applied at so many places, mainly entry level technology jobs to get my foot in the door. I haven't heard back, not even a rejection! Kind of makes me mad... at least tell me I'm not qualified or something! Don't ignore me!

    Hows life with you??
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    Last activity: 4/22/2013

    Where are you!?

    I rented a vehicle from Cedar Rapids Airport - AVIS... and those dicks charged me an additional $351 cleaning fee. So pissed off right now. Called up my credit card to dispute the charge. There's no way I'm paying that lol.

    How's life? Still living in Iowa!? Did you guys get any snow? We didn't get anything, thank god.
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    Well that's a life changing event haha. I'm not a fan of NYC, but I wouldn't be against moving to the northeast. Been to NYC once (mainly the tourist destinations, so there's obviously more to the city than that) and everything was just so expensive. Traffic is a nightmare and the cost of living is ridiculous. Not a place for me.

    I've been looking to move away from here for about 4-5 months now. Sent in so many applications and don't even hear back from them. Not sure if it's because they see where I'm currently living, and they don't want to take a chance on someone who isn't local. I'd appreciate a response saying they received the application but hell, I don't even get that! I have to be the best man in my brothers wedding in May, then I'm in another wedding the following week. So my goal is to be out of here by middle summer. Wishful thinking
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    Happy belated birthday. Wasn't on here much yesterday...spent most of the day in Iowa City. After I turned 21, birthdays are pointless to me. Nothing to look forward to now. I guess renting a vehicle became cheaper when I turned 25, but that's about it.

    AJ seems to live on the road. Would be fun being single to be able to travel, but can't imagine you enjoy it too much. That's why they invented skype! Is he gone for weeks at a time, or just a few days? Boston got hammered with the snow so I'm sure the airports are running a couple days behind schedule.

    Now to find something to do for the afternoon... hmmmm. Good ol' DeWitt has a lot to offer... Ordering a caseys pizza might be the most exciting thing to do here!
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    Still alive? I hope so! Whats new in Central Iowa? How's the family?
    Iowa basketball has hit a rough stretch. Depressing. Really thought they were a tournament team this year. Big game tonight at Wisconsin. Win and they have a chance again. Lose...and I cry myself to sleep.

    Today was signing day for football. I don't really pay attention to any of that. What percentage of the players actually turn into 'star' players? Can't be too high. Just be competitive in the fall and I'm happy. Last year was brutal. Next few years, we should be having some solid teams though. Cubbies will be good, Iowa basketball should be competitive for the next few years. Hockey will be hockey...blah blah blah haha.
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    Hello Stranger. We shall not discuss the championship game...but I will say this. What. The. Hell. Is. This. About?

    It takes about an hour to read haha. Long story, but very interesting and a bit disturbing. Pretty crazy.

    Whats new with you?
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    ISU lost
    Florida lost
    Now for the trifecta, I need Notre Dame to lose Anything is possible...

    Iowa had so many chances to take down Indiana over the weekend. So disappointing. 1-14 from Marble... yeeeeeeah. We covered the spread so that's a win!

    Annnd not a lot to look forward to in the immediate future. Just ready for Spring already.
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    Hmmm interesting. Find out more on what he wanted. Funny how you weren't listening
    Usually it's the other way around. Woman is talking and the guy just nods his head...and hope she doesn't ask questions lol.

    I'll be at the Indiana game, but I'm taking dad as part of a christmas gift. So that obviously wouldn't work out. I'm sure I'll be at more games throughout the year. Going to be a fun season.

    We already had our Christmas. Still don't understand why we've always 'celebrated' on Christmas Eve night. Weird family I have.
    Hope Santa treats you guys well! Merry Christmas to you guys.
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    Be nice.

    It wasn't the snow that was the problem. We received just under an inch of rain before it switched to snow. However, once the temperature dropped below 32 degrees, that water turned into ice. All of the streets were ice covered. The jeep we have is 4 wheel drive and that doesn't matter when it's icy out

    Besides, the 3 worst drivers, in order, are:
    1) Illinois drivers
    2) Asians
    3) Women

    If I see an Asian lady from Illinois, I am getting my *** off the highway. Brutal.

    Biggest pet peeve is when people drive in the 'fast' lane. And Illinois drivers are the best at doing that. Oh it pisses me off. I'll be a mile away, and if I see a vehicle in the left lane all alone, I'll immediately say to myself 'Illinois license plates.' Then when I get up there, 9/10 times, it's ILLINOIS. :morons:
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    Welllllll. Brother called me at 4:45 saying he barely slid in the ditch about 8 miles from here. So I took our tailgating Jeep that the 4 of us bought to go and pick him up. Of course, I put it in the ditch within walking distance of where he was Couldn't get out. Sat there for around 2 hours until someone finally drove by us and asked if we needed help. Towing was prohibited and they took the plows off the road. So thank god someone was out driving around and picked us up! So tomorrow we'll be digging both vehicles out and hopefully avoid the towing fee.

    Just another Manic Thursday (think that's how the song goes...) We really didn't get much snow. Maybe 3 inches? (insert joke here).

    I have to go shopping tomorrow. I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews to buy for. No freaking clue what to get. Gift cards
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