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which scanner app would you recommend me to use?

  1. boheyan
    which scanner app would you recommend me to use?
  2. sevanik
    Hi! I recommend you use this app for scan If necessary, you can get scanned documents on your device. You can send them by email or to the cloud if you like. Converting documents to PDF is another useful feature. The list of functions is not long, but all important functions are present.
  3. slev1111n
    What do you mean by scanner app? Do you mean virus scanner or what? If yes, then I can recommend you to read more about the best antivirus program in this article. It's crucial for people to know which program is most efficient when it comes to protecting your software. Be sure to read the article and hope you will find it useful.
  4. frankysimmons
    I can recommend you to read this article here you can find some good apps that you can use to scan the apps on another phone. I've found this website in the history of my browser. My wife was reading it. Maybe she wanted to track my phone but she does not know that it is better to clean the history of a browser. She was detected at the beginning of her plan.
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