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Can self-driving cars detect and avoid potholes?

  1. vefim
    Can self-driving cars detect and avoid potholes?
  2. boheyan
    As far as I know, this feature is in development by several companies, but it may not appear soon. And in general, at the moment, the question about the ethics of unmanned vehicles is more relevant. The ethics of autonomous vehicles help the computer make better decisions. In stressful situations, when a person panicked and reacted intuitively, an autonomous vehicle can respond rationally. He can see possible paths, calculate the results, and then choose the best one based on all this analysis.
  3. Captursen11
    My brother recently bought a new generation used Audi . The drone feature is already installed there. The best way to buy a used car is to conduct a comprehensive nationwide online search for cars with low miles and prices. What kind of cars do you drive?
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