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No auto-reply?

  1. Piters
    Obviously some afking is necessary, but if someone messages you to check if youre there, such as a GM or other player to verify botting, why wouldnt there be an list of auto replies or responses? Or maybe it says “Hey sorry I was just about to log off! Send me an in game mail!” and then logs off. As of right now, the bot just keeps going, and if Im afk botting and someone messages me to check, the bot doesnt reply and that user sends off a report.

    So, auto-reply? List of auto-replies to use one at random? Auto-log off after X minutes? Use X ability (like recall) after X minutes and then log off?

    These are simple features I figured the bot would have.

    That being said, I am enjoying the use, though the UI font is garbage and the tabbing is structured odd. The massive amount of guides and information is the saving grace. This is a super good bot, just a few things NEED to be in there.

  2. Anne Veski
    Anne Veski
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