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Dehydrator equipment

  1. Xteadrdet
    Looks like there are tons of ways to deal with your wastewater and extract the contaminants in it. For my business, dehydrating it would be the best, since we could turn the sludge into regular waste that we pay a company to deal with. What sort of machinery am I looking at if I want to dehydrate my sludge?
  2. Zanfrone
    Often, these methods of cleaning wastewater are combined. This results in the most efficient setup.
  3. Rekara
    Yeah, for maximum efficiency you should use all the methods possible to clean the water as much as possible. For example, a common techniques is using a dehydrator press like to extract the moisture out of the wastewater, leaving residue that's easy to deal with. I think you should think about incorporating this into your factory.
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