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spying apps

  1. Martina90
    Do you know any apps or soft, where I can track the location of the person?
  2. Alisha1
    Oh, I've never done something before, but I have a few friends who have experience in tracking someone's location. I don't actually know which apps or other soft they use, but I recently found one article where different helpful info is provided. Track Someone’s Location via Text is the name of the article, and I'm sure that the information given there may be beneficial for you.
  3. Elias1
    There are so many such apps nowadays. They can help to track someone's location, or give you access to different messengers and so on. I've never used any, but sometimes, I use Bigbangram to watch someone's Insta stories anonymously. It's a free tool, and now I don't have to create fake accounts.
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