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Why it is dangerous to play in illegal BCS

  1. kiga
    Why it is dangerous to play in illegal BCS
    Illegal bookmakers may not pay out winnings, and their websites may be blocked by Roskomnadzor at any time. There are likely cases when you will get a refund of your bet when you win.

    Entering and withdrawing funds from an illegal bookmaker's account may be considered a suspicious operation and your Bank cards may be blocked.

    Therefore, you should choose those bookmakers who conduct their activities in accordance with Russian law.

    A bookmaker must be a member of a self-regulating organization (SRO) of gambling in sweepstakes and operate under a license issued by the Federal tax service.

    All online bets made by legal bookmakers are processed through the online betting transfer center.

    Check this on the bookmaker's website by going to the page with information about the bookmaker. There must be copies of documents: licenses and certificates of membership in the SRO.
  2. golibar
    As for blocking, this is the role of state bodies. Namely, the country where the server is located can only be affected in this way. You understand that many are struggling with those companies that do not pay taxes.
  3. soyrr
    Most often, players in illegal bookmakers are faced with non-payment of winnings. They see profitable odds in a hurry to replenish their account and make a bet. Money withdrawal in bookmakers with a license is guaranteed. Do not risk and do not trust your money to illegal bookmakers.
  4. golibar
    To avoid all these problems, itís worth checking each site. To do this, there are full sites on which you can check the honesty of the bookmaker. Moreover, many moments immediately become clear and you should not even replenish the account in such companies.
  5. Lana7
    So you should choose legal bookmakers if you play on bets. Now there are many of them, it is important, of course, to be an experienced player and a sports fan. In order to play successfully at bets, you need, in addition to knowing the situation in sports events, good intuition and analytical skills.
  6. Borzuy
    Playing sports betting is becoming more and more interesting, because those who play recently can easily figure out how to play or read the instructions if you are new to this business. Now many bookmakers give bonuses at the start to attract new players and other privileges. They recommend choosing legal bookmakers, such as 22 bet where registration is free and deposit bonuses are credited at the start. Well, itís also important to be a sports fan.
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